Welcome to the A-Z Of Fnatic

A Gaming & esports inspired look-book, all styled by ASOS

A - Always Fnatic

First up we have of course A and Always Fnatic. This is a phrase that was coined by the Fnatic fans and community, therefore holding a special place in all our black and orange hearts 🖤🧡

Model: Donovan "Tekkz" Hunt

B - Baron Steal

This look is for those who walk in / join a 5 stack and in a blink of an eye, steal the rooms attention with their top tier plays and insane looks.

Model: Pete "Swallaspaa" Nguyen

C - Carn

Fnatic wouldn't be the org it is today without the input of the one and only Patrik Sättermon, our CGO and resident CS:GO veteran.

Model: Patrik "cArn" Sattermon

D - Dive

You know those teammates that completely ignore your voice comms and leap straight into danger? Yeah, this outfit's for them...

Model: YamatoCannon

E - Expert

Known also as the Professor. Hylissang's expert 200IQ League of Legends plays have made his presence known across a global scale.

Model: Zdravets "Hylissang" Galabov

F - To Pay Respects

If looks could kill, this one would show up at the funeral looking immaculate. 😎

Model: Hexsona

G - Game Changing

We've always been about changing the game for the better, whether that's with fresh fits or next level plays.

Model: Donovan "Tekkz" Hunt

H - Halo

There are those who said this day would never come. What have they to say now? Drip worthy of Spartan 117 himself.

Model: "Paiin"


When you're linking for couch co-op or a good old fashioned LAN, coordinating outfits is always a good idea!

Models: Donovan "Tekkz" Hunt & Diogo Mendes

J - Just Dropped

When you're a true diehard fan, sometimes you've gotta cop the latest drop as soon as it comes out. This one's for those with a quick trigger finger.

Model: Catherine "catalinababsxx" Mills

K - Katowice

Ah, Katowice. The site of some of our greatest victories. There's truly no better jersey than Fnatic's to support you when you're lifting an iconic trophy.

Model: Paiin

L - League of Legends

Fnatic and League of Legends go together like two peas in a pod. Need we say more? Maybe that we've qualified for worlds more than any other team ever...

Models: Hylissang, Swallaspaa, YamatoCannon

M - Molotov

In honour of a play that went down in Fnatic Counter-Strike history, this outfit brings new meaning to a 'hot look'.

Model: Patrik "cArn" Sättermon

N - Noob

An outfit designed for the newbie in your group, who is often bottom fragging. You can watch our own noob in action in our Fnatic teaches noob series on YouTube!

Model: Pete "Swallaspaa" Nguyen

O - Orange

There is no Fnatic without the signature Orange look and feel. This look has been present across the fields of esports for over 18 years and is truly recognisable in the seats of stadiums around the world. 🧡

Model: Zdravets "Hylissang" Galabov

P - Player 2

Why play by yourself when you can have a friend, family or an enemy join you? This dynamic duo of a look is designed exactly for your tandem of adventures!

Models: Donovan "Tekkz" & Diogo Mendes

Q - Queue Time

Don't you absolutely hate it when you've been sat waiting to loading into your favourite game and it's taking ages... Well this outfit not only ensure you know how long you've been stuck in limbo for but also keeps you looking stylish too.

Model: Hexsona

R - Revive

This is what your tank sees just after they've gone down after rushing the enemy spawn with no support… again.

Model: Catherine "catalinababsxx" Mills

S - Spam this Static

There's nothing more electric than the support we get from our diehard fans. Whenever we get in the game, sparks fly ⚡️

Model: Pete "Swallaspaa" Nguyen

T - Trending

Who says it just has to be #FNCWin that's trending on Twitter? Thanks to ASOS, our style is trend setting too.

Model: Catherine "catalinababsxx" Mills


You know Teemo, or d.Va, or Hoodwink? Cute! But don't let that fool you.. given the right mood, they're terrifying.

Model: Paiin

V - Valorant

Whether it's Boaster's walk outs, Derke's bald buff or the team chants of "First team in, last team out!"... just know your favourite Valorant team has all its sites covered 😎

Model: Paiin

W - (DUB)

When you FINALLY get that dub you've been working so hard for… phew! There's no feeling like it. Sometimes you've just gotta celebrate 🙌

Model: Hexsona

X - Xtra

This is one for those people who know there's no such thing as over-dressed and always have the latest skins almost before they drop...

Model: Diogo Mendes

Y - Yamato

An outfit designed for one of Fnatic's most distinguished members. Yamato's voice and dress sense is a truly recognisable icon within the esports world. Double Clap Gentlemen.

Model: YamatoCannon

Z - zzz

After a big day of being a hero, sometimes there's nothing to do but cosy up and get in your comfies and relax.

Model: Donovan "Tekkz" Hunt

All Created from ASOS Clothing.

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