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Georgester's avatarGeorgesterPioneer Key Holder@Georgester06/09/2022

Krimz Keyboard

Krimz Keyboard

Hey Krimz! I’m really intrigued in what equipment you use for competitive CS-GO!

P.S. Thank you for rhe personalised video, it had the desired effect.

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KrimzPro@krimz• 21/09/2022
Loading...Hey George! I'm using Fnatic MiniSteak Silent, Fnatic mousepad, G Pro mouse, Fnatic React headset and Zowie xl2546! Glad you enjoyed the video! #alwaysfnatic
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GeorgesterPioneer Key Holder@Georgester• 21/09/2022
Loading...@FNATICKrimz Thank you for the reply! Good luck with the upcoming games! 💪🏻 #alwaysfnatic