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Big on performance, small in size. The Streak 65's 65% form factor has custom low profile Fnatic Speed Switches, with a familiar key press fealing and the award winning STREAK industrial design. Everything you need to perform, nothing more.

Key Hype Dates.

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    Pre Launch

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  • 22.10.2020

    Founders #1

    First batch of 65 ever made
  • 29.10.2020

    Founders #2

    Second batch of 65 ever made
  • 10.11.2020


Founders Drop.

Dear gamers,

This all started with you, since day 1. Our fans. You coined Always Fnatic.

As a little token of appreciation for those fans, the early movers, we've created the Founders edition. Launching with all of our new products will be the chance to highlight and reward the earlier supporters. Over time we'll build and build on this concept, but for now, we're carving out 2 batches of Founder editions who will receive their products before anyone else.

Founder 1 x 65 and Founders 2 x 65

You'll be the first to use, to review, and to play. Each will come exclusively with a custom nameplate with your number and a sticker pack to correspond. That won't be all, more will be coming digitally once we launch the fnatic app, permanently remembered as founder of the Streak 65.

Thank you from all of us, and we hope you love the product.

Thanks and GL!,


Whats included:

  • Custom Nameplates [#1-#65]
  • Certificate
  • Premium Stickers

PerformanceForm Factor.

65% Form Factor

Evolution of keyboards for increased desk space. The numpad, and part of the home cluster has been removed. No functionality is lost because all inputs are easily accessible through the secondary FN function layer and shortcuts

The Sleekest Streak Yet

Low-profile design is now even thinner, with just a 22mm thinness. Reduce arching of the wrist and allow you to game in a more natural hand position.

Streak65 vs MiniStreak

  • 0%

    Smaller Volume

  • 0mm

    Lower Height

  • 0x

    Faster Actuation*

* Compared to MX Silent Red

Fastest Switchon the Market.


    Maximum speed from just a 1.0mm pre-travel distance. The total travel of 3.2mm enables you to multi-press faster than any other switch.

  • Switch ergonomics perfected

    The low profile FNATIC switch is 35% lower than traditional mechanical switches. The height of the keys is reduced, allowing for a healthier, more natural wrist position, even without the use of a wrist-rest.

  • Linear and silent

    Linear travel paired with a perfectly weighted 45gram spring and a balanced circular stem. The switch is smooth and quiet without the need for any dampeners.



16.8 million colours to choose form. Customisable in OP software, and saved directly to on-board storage.


Custom FNATIC-designed keycap profile expels more lighting out of the side of the switch, and spreads it across the whole keyboard to brighten your desk set-up.

FindDeeper Comfortin posture.

Take advantage of the compact 65% form factor, to provide your mouse with more space and sit in a more natural position.

Finishing Touches.

  • Custom Lubricated Stabilisers

    Our custom-moulded stabilisers come pre-lubricated, reducing rattle and inconsistencies, improving keyboard acoustics.

  • Superior Build

    • Solid Aluminium metal build whilst weighing a featherlight 420 grams guarantees durability and portability
    • Rubber Feet angled at 90 degrees, so they will never buckle under pressure
    • USB-C port is the new modern standard. Positioned in the top-left, it will never obstruct your mouse movements.
  • Space Bar LEDs

    Illuminate the whole space bar with two extra LEDs flanking either side of the switch. The white PCB

  • No CompormisesEverything you need to perform.


    OP Software

    Full Secondary Functionality

    Competitive Mode

    Tech Specs

    • Cable: USB-C, Detachable
    • Switch: FNATIC SPEED (low-profile)
    • Switch Actuation: 1.0mm
    • Switch Total Travel: 3.2mm
    • Plling Rate: 1000Hz
    • Format: 65%
    • Weight: 420g
    • Size: 316 x 109 x 20-28mm
    • MCU & Memory: NXP / 8 MB
    • Lighting: RGB 16.8m Colors
    Additional Features: Custom Low-Profile Keycap, FN Layer Functionality, Detachable Cable


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