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Loading...With the top 4 now set, I think PRX is the most dangerous. They seem so unpredictable and aggressive. It's almost like they're making their own rules.
Loading...For me, it would for sure be my 2nd gen 11" iPad. I was hesitant at first and was sure I'd have buyer's remorse, but that was not the case at all. I use it for lite video editing (LumaFusion), graphics creation/editing (Affinity Designer), and sometimes it's my main work device when I'm not in the office. What about you? 🤔
Loading...We eventually stopped producing custom nameplates due to dwindling demand. That's not to say they can't make a comeback with future keyboard releases though... [giphy]SVOD79ysAjrwAYtZgI[/giphy]
Loading...Hey friends! I'm Escaldi, Product Evangelist at FNATIC GEAR. A few things about me: - I love any and all things gear-related - I own over 50 gaming mice - guess you could say I'm a collector 😅 - I love tinkering with gaming mice and keyboards and do my own mods - I'm based in Florida - I'm a dad #girldad - I love playing games like Valorant, Halo, Elder Scrolls, etc. - We have a lot of great FNC personalities, but my favorites are Boaster, Pow3r, and Derke.