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Loading...@cArn Now Is a golden opportunity to go back to fnatic's roots. There are great players available for a org such as fnatic. since you mentioned "investments" grabbing already benched players like Brollan and Hampus wouldn't be bad. We also have Lerk0 floating around in the ocean called free agents. a solid anchor with a shapr aim who's not up agaisnt the idea of IGL. Maybe Hampus and Lekr0 could both work as the brains of the team? Brollan will flourish on a all swedish side. I'm 100% certain of that. The last player ahpuld be a young talent. Look thru the current top swedish sides. Eye, Godsent, Alliance etc. there are talent to be snapped up by an org like fnatic, say Spooke for example. he's performing well on Sprout, averaging 1.07 HLTV ratimg since joing. There's also players like adamb in Metizport, eraa from Godsent, but. The greatest young swede right now has to be nilo in Metizport. He's averaging a 1.20 HLTV rating! Yes. I know that none of those teams are tier 1, but we have to look long term, not short term. nilo is 18 and already shresding thru lower tier competitions!