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An Update On Our Rainbow 6 Journey

Published: 26 Feb 2022

In 2018 Fnatic joined Rainbow 6 esports with the vision to further expand into the Asia market while still competing at a global level. After seeing huge success in Japan in the form of passionate fans, high viewership, and collaboration with several companies it became a market we knew we wanted to focus on.

As we were prepared to execute this expansion and migrate the team at the start of 2020, life and the world changed as we know it. For the next 2 years Fnatic, the players, and fans battled with the circumstances, obstacles, and results that came with our unique situation. Maintaining our position in APAC North was paramount but with our roster living in countries that had some of the most extreme lockdown measures in the world and Japan continually closing its borders we were halted time and time again. Soon restrictions slowly began to relax however it did not look to be complete in the necessary time frames. We as a brand alongside several players came to the agreement that we could not sustain a third year in what had become the status quo. With that realisation, it required us to reassess our position within Rainbow 6. It was deemed that Japan remained of critical importance to Fnatic’s future within Rainbow 6 Siege. To ensure we met our company’s vision and objectives it required us to make a big pivot and find a solution by the start of March 2022.

Our objectives were clear; enter Japan, maintain our position in Rainbow 6, APAC North, and also participate in the regional league in Japan (RJL & RJC). We were able to open discussions and reach a very cordial agreement with the team and owner of GUTS Gaming. We can now announce that Fnatic has acquired four players from the GUTS roster, Yura, Li9ht, Lily, and Merieux as well as their bi-lingual manager GuNBoY. This roster will also be joined by new recruit, Chibisu, who GUTS were in discussions to sign. This acquisition also means that Fnatic will take GUTS 'previously held slot in the Rainbow 6 Japan League. This was not without effect for the APAC North league structure, and we appreciate the reactiveness and understanding of all parties involved who were able to swiftly and logically solve the issue with one of the team's licenses being dissolved. Fnatic’s former captain, Etienne "Mag" Rousseau believes strongly in Japan, our vision, and this project. He has been a key contributor to the success of Fnatic Rainbow Six over the several years we have been working toward it and he will remain on board to help bring our vision to fruition. Mag will be looking to relocate to Japan as soon as possible and conversations with the Japanese government are starting to have a more positive outlook. He will likely miss the first season/stage of 2022 but we are hoping to have him back and on the starting team in a few months where he will be communicating with teammates in Japanese. As to what the roster will look like when that happens is to be determined. We would like to thank all the fans for their continued support and the players who have worked with us through the highs and some very difficult and challenging times. We hope that you will continue to support us as we welcome new players and staff who will be representing the black and orange. Now to look to the future! Dizzle will remain to oversee the team and operations, heading up a support staff of GuNBoY, the former manager for GUTS Gaming as well as being joined by Phenomene, formerly of Gamma Gaming, as the new Strategic Coach and Analyst. Merieux was a breakout star with Nora Rengo through the rise of APAC and Japanese Rainbow 6. We have also witnessed many strong performances and results from individual players and the entire GUTS gaming roster over the last couple of years in Rainbow 6. We could not be happier with the new direction and believe we have achieved the best outcome possible for us in this off-season. There is no doubt that there will be many more updates to come during this exciting new chapter of Fnatic Rainbow Six but for now please join us in welcoming Yura, Li9ht, Lily, Merieux, Chibisu, GuNBoY, and Phenomene as we continue work to take the team to the next level and return to international events.

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