Anderzz Departs Fnatic

Published: 20 Dec 2021

Today, we say our farewells to Martin ‘Anderzz’ Schelasin, as strategic coach for Fnatic Valorant. Joining after our Masters 2: Reykjavik appearance, Martin quickly proved a huge and valuable addition to the team; developing further our strategic playbook and consistently delivering innovative tactics to the table.

These tactics no doubt helped pave our way to Champions earlier this month, and we will always remain thankful for his influence and input in these early stages of our Valorant journey. However, we believe that Anderzz has outgrown his role here at Fnatic. His potential as a head coach is huge, and anyone looking to pick him up will be looking at a playbook and strategic edge that should be feared among the VCT.

We’re continuing to build and prepare for the 2022 VCT season, where we’ll be actively searching for an analyst to join and assist Coach Mini in reaching the goals we expect to deliver on next year. We wish Anderzz nothing but the best, and we’re excited to see where your future brings you. And hopefully, we’ll play against you on the other side of the server.


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