Brollan departs Fnatic

Brollan Departs Fnatic

Published: 22 Mar 2022

As of today, Ludvig "Brollan" Brolin, will be departing from our Fnatic CS:GO roster. In recent weeks, Brollan expressed a desire to compete and communicate in-game using his mother tongue, Swedish. As the Fnatic CS:GO roster expanded to be a more global lineup, it was important for us to work with players and find solutions that allowed them to feel comfortable and play at their best. These considerations, alongside some personal factors, ultimately resulted in Brollan strongly expressing a desire to explore his career options outside of Fnatic. We have been incredibly proud to see Brollan’s continued development since joining Fnatic and had planned to continue with this development and success for many years. However, once Brollan had made clear his intention to move to another team, we did our absolute best to support and facilitate a deal that worked for both parties; a move to a local team that better suited his personal career trajectory.

The timing of roster changes like this will never be perfect for everyone involved. As we moved closer to ESL Pro League and Major seasons, it became clear that we couldn’t extend conversations with Brollan any longer. He needed to move on from Fnatic and ultimately we needed to support that decision in a way that worked for everyone. We fully understand his position and while we are of course saddened to see him leave Fnatic, we are equally proud and excited to see what’s next for this exceptionally talented player.

One of the youngest professional players to sign to a major esports organisation, Brollan joined Fnatic in October 2018. And at just age 16 his impact on the game, and within the roster, was immediately clear. He has moved from strength to strength and has already achieved so much in the formative years of his pro career. We are very proud that he was able to achieve all of this while at Fnatic. A two time top 20 HLTV player, lifting the Dreamhack Malmö 2019 trophy on home soil and winning EPL season 11 (while also securing tournament MVP) are just a few of the many great moments Brollan has given us during his time at Fnatic.Team Director, Andreas Samuelsson had this to say on Brollan’s departure:

It’s a sad day in the Black & Orange camp, as we announce that Ludvig will no longer be a Fnatic player. It has been a pleasure working with you all these years Ludvig! Seeing your development since you were a stand-in at WESG in Barcelona 2017, to becoming one of the best players in the world, has simply been an amazing journey. It’s been almost 4 years of a roller coaster with many great memories made along the way. Reaching the number one ranked team in the world and winning DHM Malmö on home soil are particular highlights for me. You are a very dedicated and hard-working player, and I wish you nothing but the best at your next adventure!

Andreas Samuelsson

Following an intense and challenging competitive period for our team, we will soon be returning to competitive play at EPL Playoffs (5-10th April) and RMR Group A (17th-20th April). Expect more information regarding our team line-up and plans in the coming days.

Thank you Brollan for everything you’ve brought to Fnatic CS:GO. We’re excited to see what you do next. See you on the server! Once Fnatic, Always Fnatic.

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