Fnatic Bwipo

Bwipo Departs Fnatic

Published: 22 Nov 2021

After 4 years in the black and orange, Gabriël “Bwipo” Rau will be leaving Fnatic to explore new opportunities in his career.

Joining in 2018 as a substitute for then-legacy toplaner sOAZ, Bwipo has cemented himself as one of the best and most flexible players in the world. Known for his aggressive laning even on weak side, distinctive pockets picks and flexing to multiple roles, he leaves behind a legacy of 2 LEC titles and 4 consecutive Worlds appearances, including a Worlds Finals in his Rookie year.

“It’s been a long journey, but I would say winning in the end is still the most memorable,” he said, looking back on his time at Fnatic.

He quickly became a fan favourite once his bubbly personality got out. Never afraid to show his emotions on stage or his opinions on broadcast, Bwipo has garnered a legion of fans throughout his career. From the dark Bwipo meme to wide Bwipo, from his on-stage live reactions to his time on the analyst desk, Fnatic fans will remember Bwipo as one of the most charismatic players to ever walk the stage.

In-game, Bwipo always did what was necessary for the team to achieve victory:

“Whether that was role-swapping or playing whatever champs, whatever role my team needed, I was always up to try and do it and I think that that’s really what I identify my years with the most,” he explained.

In Summer 2018 when the mage meta made AD Carries obsolete, Bwipo replaced starting ADC Rekkles to play with his good friend Hylissang in the botlane. Together, they terrorised other teams with picks like Vladimir and Swain.

Returning as the sole starting toplaner for Fnatic in 2019-2021, Bwipo continued to show why he’s considered one of the most adaptable players by making off-meta picks like Singed, Zac and Rengar work both in Europe and Internationally.

In Summer 2021, Bwipo made yet another role-swap, this time making way for rookie toplaner Adam and replacing Selfmade in the Jungle. In this new role, he was a key factor in turning Spring’s disappointing 5th place finish to making a miracle playoffs run and placing 2nd in the LEC’s Summer Split.

“Bwipo has been an important part of Fnatic for many years,” said Fnatic’s Team Director Javier Zafra. “We thank him for his passion and wish him the best in his future endeavors.”

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