CSGO | A New Phase for CSGO

Published: 21 Aug 2019

- A new phase for Fnatic Counter-Strike.

- Richard ‘Xizt’ Landström and Simon ‘twist’ Eliasson are moved to the bench.

When we created this iteration of the Fnatic Counter-Strike team, we set internal goals fitting of both our long legacy at the upper echelon of CS, and of the heights we believed we could ultimately reach with a mix of new, rising talent and experienced stars. At the onset of the season, we saw a high level of ambition and professional play which led to initial successes.

Up until this year Fnatic had reached all fourteen CS:GO Majors, however after a few disappointing months which culminated at the Berlin Minor, we were unable to improve upon our early results in time. For the first instance in Fnatic’s history, our efforts were not sufficient enough to secure ourselves a place at the Major - our lowest point in a long journey of Counter-Strike. Fundamentally, both management and players agree that this is unacceptable of the standards we set for ourselves and of the black and orange in general.

As one of the longest-standing esports institutions, we are all too aware of how constant self-reflection and analysis is paramount to continued growth and success of our team. After our recent performances, we will now be working doubly hard to realign and regain our rightful spot at the pinnacle of professional gameplay. We will move into a new phase, and will look at all aspects of our Counter-Strike team.

Our next event will be DreamHack Malmö, but before then we will be securing further support from new talent and will look to begin the path back to the top. Further news regarding our player roster and backroom staff will be released in due course.

Enquiries about roles open in our squad should be sent to: andreas.samuelsson@fnatic.com.

Richard ‘Xizt’ Landström stated:

“I'm thankful for the opportunity that Fnatic gave me to play there again and it’s unfortunate we were unable to accomplish the goals we made when the team was created.
During my time at Fnatic, there have been many ups but mostly downs. We showed some good results and played in two Premier finals but we couldn't come out on top in either. However, lately, it's only gotten worse and it has become clear that it’s time for a change.
I know I haven't been playing well lately and certainly far from the level where I want to be myself. I think being on the bench will be beneficial for Fnatic and also have a positive effect on me in the long-run. I have no excuses for my bad performances and I only see this as a time for me to work even harder, to keep my head up, focus on myself and improve my individual skill. I am sure there will be more vetoes from me in grand finals in the near future!
I wish the team nothing but the best going forward - they have good players and Fnatic as an organisation is one of the best in esports.”

Simon ‘twist’ Eliasson:

"I do want to thank Fnatic for the opportunity once again and I'll continue always trying to make Swedish CS fans proud.”

Andreas ‘Samuelsson’ Samuelsson, CS:GO Team Director:

“I want to thank Simon and Richard for everything we have achieved together.
Both of these players have been very professional during their time with Fnatic. We had a great time together outside the server and they showed good potential in Shanghai and Sydney; it’s a great shame we never found any consistency nor the right chemistry in-game to achieve our goals.
Given the magnitude of failing to qualify for a Major for the first time in Fnatic’s history, a change was indeed necessary. Now, sadly without Simon and Richard, we must build a strong, consistent line-up for the future and bring Fnatic back to the very top.
I wish them both nothing but the best for the future.”

Photo credit: HLTV.org