Design Your Drip 2.0 - Hoodie

Design your Drip 2.0 Winners

Published: 29 Nov 2022

Fnatic has the best fans in the world, and once again that was proven by the breath-taking designs submitted by all of you! Out of hundreds of submissions, we selected a few and put them to a community vote. LuciaVereth and Limnn are the lucky winners, and we couldn't be more thrilled to make their vision a reality! Read their stories and inspiration to see which hoodie fits you better, or maybe both and get it here


I made the design with my main inspiration being the Fnatic Valorant team. I'm a relatively new fan, joining early 2021, but watching them persevere through each tournament and have that drive in each player drew me in. I wanted to make the crow a distinct part of the design, a nod to the thought: are they there to bring about the downfall of others or will such negative happenstance be inflicted on themselves? It's also a motif I like to use in some fan arts for the team, to convey my hopes that they will be able to fly higher with each match. Seeing the support of other fans and the org made me really appreciate the community and inspired me as an artist. I hope this thought on the design will be reflected well onto the wearer. Thank you Fnatic for this opportunity, thank you to my friends who assured me, and to the fans who voted for my design. To don my design during their heart-racing, life span shortening games is something I can’t wait to do, and I still can’t believe I’m able to do so. I’m really so grateful for this and I hope you’ll enjoy the hoodie. Stay warm, stay comfy. #alwaysfnatic


I’ve been a fan of FNATIC for many years now and I’ve always loved following esports, even of games I don’t necessarily play myself.Through the years I’ve grown fond of the team as well as of the many legendary players who made history, and I’m really hoping to see our new VALORANT roster make it to the Grand Final next year!About the #DesignYourDrip competition, I missed last year’s contest and I promised myself not to miss the opportunity again.I spent some time making multiple sketches, but I decided to complete and submit the very first one that came to my mind.My design represents something you are so passionate about that it becomes part of you, that is very true for me, FNATIC had a big impact on who I am today, personally and professionally.I was pretty confident I did a good job, but I can’t believe I’m between the winners!So thank you for this opportunity and for all the support! #alwaysfnatic

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