Doma Moved to Inactive Roster

Published: 14 Dec 2021

Following a year of highs, lows & conflicted VCT results, we’ve been considering greatly the future path of our Valorant roster. Heading into 2022 we have decided to move into a new direction and as of today, Domagoj ‘Doma’ Fancev has been moved to the inactive roster of our Valorant team.

Doma has an extremely high mechanical ceiling and has proven his ability to perform at this highest level of play, however we envision a different look for the roster come 2022. This is the first of a variety of changes we will take in order to create a lineup that will see as much success as possible come next season.

None of this will take away from Doma’s impact this year, with many standout moments and plays that have sculpted our success and helped cement Fnatic in the first ever year of the VCT. With this said, Doma will be moved to the open transfer market, with the opportunity to trial with other teams looking to add some firepower and charisma to their roster. We’re certain wherever Doma’s next home is, he’ll find great success & find his way onto the world stage once again.

It comes with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to Doma. From being the star of SUMN FC, to the star of Fnatic, to showing his selflessness by switching to other roles so that players like Derke could take the spotlight - he has really gone through quite the journey. He was always a light and funny member of the team and brought a lot of levity and contributed greatly to the team's atmosphere. He will be a great addition to wherever he ends up next and bring that bald buff along with him

Colin ‘CoJo’ Johnson, Team Director

We wish you all the best in the future, Domagoj and we want to thank you for your efforts under the Black & Orange. Once Fnatic, #ALWAYSFNATIC.

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