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Enzo and Alfajer join Fnatic Valorant

Published: 09 May 2022

Ahead of Valorant Challengers 2, we are excited to finally announce the latest additions to our Valorant roster. Extra firepower and some role balance were our main objectives to bring to the roster. And these new players are delivering on that promise. It’s time to welcome Enzo Mestari (now playing under “Enzo”) and Emir Ali "Alfajer" Beder to the team!

Bringing that firepower we have spoken about previously is Turkish young gun, Alfajer, who has joined from Surreal Esports. Coach Jacob “Mini” Harris had this to say:

Alfajer is an exciting player with a huge amount of firepower and pure talent. We believe he is more than capable to be one of our star players but we will be sure to ease him through that transition as he is such a young player. He has plenty of flexibility in his agent pool which bodes well for long-term success in Fnatic. We want to be able to adapt to the fast-paced meta changes we see in Valorant and we expect that direction to only continue.

Jacob “Mini” Harris

With Mistic moving into a flex role and Boaster moving to the controller role we needed a solid all-rounder to balance out the roster. Enzo (formerly playing under “Fearoth”) was an obvious choice. After his loan period, we had an opportunity to purchase him from Alliance. We had already seen how well he gelled with the team and his added maturity and level-headedness made the decision to have him join full time, an easy one.

The decision to pick up Enzo was straightforward as we had the luxury of being with him and watching him play before and during Masters, Reykjavik. His main strengths are in his support skills, both in and out of the game. He is the rare kind that still manages to put up numbers whilst being the teammate you wish for. An experienced, "secondary-IGL" type player is something we've wanted to have in the team for a while. We’re looking forward to working with Enzo to flesh out that role to add depth to the squad.

Jacob “Mini” Harris

Scrims have been going incredibly well and we’re looking forward to debuting this roster later this week at EMEA Challengers 2 against FPX. We want to thank the players and staff that have been involved in the transfers these last few weeks. We also want to thank the fans who have continued to support Fnatic Valorant throughout some unforeseeable roster changes. We hope you will be as excited and as entertained by this new roster as we are.

Welcome to the black and orange, Enzo and Alfajer!

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