Farewell Wunder

Farewell Wunder

Published: 12 May 2023

As we work through the offseason and approach the Summer LEC Split, we say our final farewells to Martin ‘Wunder’ Hansen, releasing him from Fnatic and allowing him to explore new opportunities.

Wunder arrived at the black and orange from our rivals G2 before the Spring Split in 2022, joining other exciting new additions Razork and Humanoid to the team. He brought not only his trademark playstyle to the roster but also his unforgettable and much-loved personality. After his arrival Wunder, along with the rest of the team, helped us secure 2nd place in the 2022 LEC Spring Split, fighting through to Playoffs for a third place finish.

In Summer 2022, Wunder’s experience and veteranship shone through and he was a heavy part of our odd-defying and incredible turnaround to help secure playoffs and qualify for a play-ins spot at Worlds 2022. Together in Malmö, we took to the first Arena event in the LEC since lockdown, fighting our hardest on the biggest stage in Europe but ultimately falling to Rogue and setting our sights on the finale of the year. Our Worlds 2022 run was short-lived after a strong showing in Play-Ins, albeit with some impressive highlights vs T1 and C9 in the Group Stage. Wunder consistently proved to the world that he’s one of the strongest top-laners to touch the game, and we’re proud of his performance and efforts under the Black and Orange during the highs and lows of the last year.

Team Director Javier 'Dardo' Zafra added the following regarding his departure:

"It has been a great pleasure to work with Wunder. There are very few players with his natural talent for the game as well as such extensive experience which makes him a very special player. I can only wish him the best in the next steps in his career and I hope to see him soon back in the rift."

Off the server, Martin made moves with his confident and bold presence in both our content and on socials. Any post-game tweet was sure to be a banger, and his sharp sense of humour and wit always lifted the atmosphere. We’ll miss the unforgettable post-game interviews, stare-downs, and mid-game trash talk!

We wish Martin all the best going forward and look forward to seeing where his career takes him next.

Once Fnatic, #AlwaysFnatic.

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