Flusha Moves To Inactive CS:GO Roster

Published: 08 Jan 2021

Robin “flusha” Rönnquist has been transferred to the inactive roster of our CS:GO team, allowing him to explore his options and discuss offers with other teams.

Flusha joined Fnatic for the first time in August 2013, where he was part of a legendary major-winning roster, and went on to be named HLTV’s 2nd best player in the world in 2014, and 5th best in 2015.

Andreas Samuelsson, Head Coach of Fnatic CS:GO said:

“Looking to the future of Fnatic CS:GO we've had to make some tough decisions about our roster and our legendary players. Robin is an amazingly talented player and I'm sure he will find a place in a top tier team very quickly. Flusha dropping to our inactive roster opens up a place on our active roster that we will use to rejuvenate our team for the 2021 season.”

Robin helped Fnatic win three majors between 2013 and 2015, before leaving for GODSENT in August 2016. He then returned to Fnatic in 2017, where he drove us to the WESG and IEM Katowice trophies. He then left the black and orange once again, joining Cloud9.

Since his return to the Fnatic active roster in late 2019, he has lifted the DreamHack Masters Malmö trophy, and helped us reach the semi-finals or Grand Finals of four other tournaments, pushing Fnatic into the world number one spot of the HLTV CS:GO team rankings in early 2020.

Tack och lycka till, Robin. Once Fnatic, #ALWAYSFNATIC.

Further announcements about the 2021 Fnatic CS:GO roster will follow.

Image courtesy of HLTV.org

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