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Fnatic and Freeletics Announce The Extra Mile Campaign

Published: 30 Jun 2021

London, UK, 30th June 2021: Fnatic has announced a campaign with Freeletics for The Extra Mile: a campaign to improve the performance of gamers by implementing Freeletics’ proven training methods. This engagement was brokered by German sponsorship agency SKH Sports.

In collaboration with the Fnatic High Performance Unit (HPU), the Extra Mile Campaign is designed to help gamers unlock the next level of their potential in-game and IRL. This campaign will directly connect Freeletics with the esports audience by inspiring and challenging the Fnatic fan to not just level-up in-game, but out of game too, to take control of their lifestyle and performance.

This campaign is designed to show that grinding like a pro involves more than just practising your game. It’s training right. It’s thinking right. It’s knowing how to best support your game IRL.

With a mixture of in-game training and physical and mental training with Freeletics, anyone can get better (and stay better) over time in the right way. The campaign content will be centred around Fnatic Counter-Strike talent, in particular the infamous JW and young gun Jackinho. With the assistance of the Fnatic HPU director Jens Hofer, the two parties have been working together to create a performance orientated environment for the players.

Freeletics CEO Daniel Sobhani said: "Continuous development and hard work towards a self- set goal is what both Freeletics and Fnatic have in common. This means never giving up, never quitting, going the extra mile to achieve greatness again, again and again. Leveling up together comes naturally and I am very excited to see how we will enable this dynamic audience to physical and mental mastery together."

Director of Fnatic’s High Performance Unit Jens Hofer said: “Modern esports performance demands so much from players both on the server and in their everyday lives. We’re happy to partner with Freeletics to help show the benefits of physical and mental fitness on in-game performance, not just for our top level pros, but for everyday gamers as well.”

About Freeletics

Freeletics was founded in 2013 with the mission to challenge and inspire people to become the greatest version of themselves, both mentally and physically. Since then, the company has become the leading provider of AI-based fitness and mindset coaching, with over 50million users in over 160 countries. The Freeletics app is not just the #1 fitness app in Europe,but also offers the most advanced AI technology in the industry. It puts a personal trainer in your pocket, enabling you to train anytime, anywhere, with hyper-personalized training plans and workouts. Its AI technology allows the app to learn from its over 50 million users and their individual feedback, so it can develop ongoing smart Freeletics Training Journeys uniquely designed to suit every single user, down to the last exercise

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