Fnatic Announce New Halo Team

Published: 13 Jan 2022

Late last year we announced our introduction to Halo Infinite, and promptly deployed our scouts to HCS Raleigh. We watched the World’s finest Halo talent face off on a new battlefield for the very first time. But we’re done watching. We have found our Spartans, and we’re ready to make a mark. A huge welcome to the Black and Orange for our newest roster:

  • Juliano ‘Sceptify’ Sadiku
  • Torez ‘Envore’ Broyles
  • Chasen ‘SuperCC’ Cavuto
  • Joseph ‘Juziro’ Bartholomay

HCS fans may recognise this lineup from Team WaR, who quickly grabbed our attention at Raleigh as a promising young group of players, with an impressive focus on positivity, teamwork, and willingness to learn and adapt. Recently playing in HCS under the unsigned name ‘Business’, we believe that their journey to the top has only just begun. Under our world-class High-Performance Unit (HPU) and coaching staff, we can level up their extremely high skill ceiling into a true Fnatic team, and a tournament-winning roster.

It's no secret that we’ve been scouting since early November alongside Casey ‘Strobe’ Hebert, who has joined to take the reins as the roster's Head Coach. From a list of 40 players, the options for our Halo roster placed some impressive candidates in front of us. Yet, we kept coming back to this stellar lineup, one worthy of the Fnatic name. And we were right. In our first few weeks of play together, we’ve seen some impressive results in scrims and we’re ready to take this level of play to the grand stage.

Colin ‘CoJo’ Johnson, who you might recognise from our Valorant and FIFA teams will serve as the team’s director, said the following:

`We are very excited to be welcoming Envore, Sceptify, SuperCC, and Juziro to Fnatic to start a new era of Halo for this organisation. Over the last few months, we have interviewed dozens of players, spoken to a few full rosters, and even run a combine of our own to see what players could do in a different environment. We attended Raleigh as a final testing ground for the players we were interested in; an opportunity to show us what they had and change our minds. These boys showed so much potential and passion during the event - they seemed like a perfect fit for what we are building. Their ceiling is so high and I cannot wait to see what they can achieve given time, resources and the help of our coach, Strobe.’

For Halo fans, we hope you’re as excited for this roster as we are. For those that have been flying the Fnatic Spartan colours in-game from day one, we salute you. And for the Fnatic fans who haven’t seen what Halo Esports can look like - we’re excited to introduce you into this vicious, ferocious & legendary esport.