Fnatic CS:GO Roster Update

Published: 19 May 2022

After a difficult period of mixed results and failed qualifications for key events in the CSGO calendar, we’ve come to the decision to make a variety of changes to our Pro Roster. Our main focus is to create and field a competitive, confident and chemistry-filled  roster that reflects what we both expect & desire from our presence within the title. Moving forward, we will retain and build around both Krimz, a legacy player who needs no introduction, as well as Mezii, who has proved himself as an extremely versatile, dependable and consistent player in the last year under the Black and Orange. We’ll soon introduce 3 new players to the squad, and focus all our efforts on returning to a form worthy of the Fnatic name.

For the last few months, both Peppzor and Poizon have joined the starting pro lineup in a stand-in capacity, helping us field a roster at events including ESL Pro League 15, as well as qualifiers for both the PGL Major & IEM Dallas. We’d like to thank both Peppe and Valentin for their efforts under the Black & Orange. Peppzor will return to our Fnatic Rising academy roster, where the team will kick off a new season of WePlay Academy League next week (with more updates on this to follow). We’re excited to see Peppzor’s further growth within the game, and hope his experiences on the pro-squad will positively impact his play in the future. Poizon moves to our inactive roster; a position that allows him to explore new opportunities for his future.

Alongside Poizon, ALEX will also be moved to the inactive roster. Serving as the teams in-game leader since August of last year and helping us find wins in both Dreamhack Open 47 and REPUBLEAGUE Season 2, Alex remains a confident and skilled IGL. However, we believe it is within both parties' interest to explore new options in terms of the direction and leadership for the squad. We want to thank Alex for his work ethics and contributions to our team in the last few months, and we will work with Alex and his representatives closely to map out his next career options.

Our offseason is being closely supervised by CGO Patrik ‘cArn’ Sattermon, and we’re in the late stage of on-boarding the newest members to the team. We’re excited to introduce them to you, and we’ll provide updates regarding them as well as changes to staff in the coming weeks.

This new team will be in action for the first time at the Pinnacle Cup at the start of June, so you won’t have too long of a wait until our return to the server. This return will mark a new era of CS:GO for Fnatic, one which we'll be showing you more and more of. Our focus is to build this team for success, and we’re excited to share the journey with you.

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