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Fnatic CS:GO Welcomes FASHR

Published: 04 Aug 2022

The final piece of the puzzle: Join us in extending a warm welcome to Dion ‘FASHR’ Derksen, joining our CS:GO Pro Squad as our fifth and final member. Dion joins as our newest rifler, providing the final piece of firepower to a compelling roster with months of building & refinement behind it.

Dion arrives from Danish org ECSTATIC, bringing a history of high impact & solid consistency to the roster. His highly aggressive playstyle is something that immediately grabbed our attention, and has proved a perfect fit into the current team dynamic. With FASHR & RoeJ both focused on an aggressive playstyle and approach, they provide a solid counterpart to Krimz and Mezii. FASHR serves as not only the best fit in-game but also out of game. We’re extremely focused on building the best possible team atmosphere, and Dion is already proving to be a valuable teammate within the existing squad.

“I feel honoured and humbled to be wearing the iconic Black and Orange. I'm confident that together with my new teammates we are able to achieve great things. We're aiming to build a new, lasting dynasty with this team”

With a history with orgs like ECSTATIC and Lyngby Vikings, our priority will be to level up FASHR’s play and team cohesion as we progress through the upcoming year. We’re beyond excited to see what he brings to the team as we enter this new season of competitive CS:GO. Dion has expressed his passion and desire to grow as a player, and we aim to develop him with our HPU (High Performance Unit) in the coming months. With Krimz and Mezii as a foundation andSlotting FASHR in alongside recent additions Nicodooz and RoeJ we truly believe that this is a roster with unbridled potential.

With regards to the further team structure, we’ve come to the decision that Mezii, serving as one of the most versatile players we’ve ever had, will remain the team’s IGL going forward. We’re committed to William’s growth and development within Fnatic, and we’re extremely proud of his progression under the Black & Orange. We remain confident he can successfully guide this team into a bright future.

With our roster complete, we are now focused on our next steps. We’ll debut as a full five for the first time in the Major Qualifiers starting 15th August. At Fnatic, we value face to face environments highly, and as such the team will bootcamp in our London HQ before taking on this brand new season of play. Surrounded by not only our High Performance Unit staff but also our content and social teams, we see this as an important factor in debuting the roster properly. We hope to develop not only their skills on the server, but help to flourish their relationships and friendships out of the server as well. Towards the end of August, we’ll debut the roster in style as we enter ESL Pro League S16 with a bang. It is here that we hope you will witness these months of hard work fully come to fruition. Thank you all for your patience over these last few months as we built this roster; we hope you’re as excited to finally see the team in action as we are.


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