Fnatic Enters Warzone

Published: 27 Jun 2024

The family keeps growing, and we are excited to announce our return to Call of Duty with the introduction of our new Warzone team. Warzone has continued to be a title of interest as the scene grew and developed, and now it's time to show them what the Black and Orange can do.

Representing FNATIC’s expansion in the NA scene, we’ll be entering Warzone alongside Benjamin “Almond” Rosendahl, Edy “Newbz” Alberto Juan Juan, and Logan “Skullface” Greifelt, who as a squad will represent FNATIC on the main stage. Consisting of players who were collectively placed in the top three teams at last year’s World Series of Warzone Global Final, we’re truly excited to see what this new roster can achieve going forward, recognising their potential to turn some heads and collect new trophies for FNATIC along the way.

"We've always been fans of the Call of Duty franchise here at Fnatic, and are excited to return to it by signing Almond, Newbz, and Skullface as our first steps into Warzone. The players are currently boot camping at our London, HQ, and we look forward to supporting their journey into the Esports World Cup and World Series of Warzone."

Fnatic Chief Gaming Officer Patrik Sattermon

The team will look to represent FNATIC in the upcoming Esports World Cup, as our roster of teams continues to grow and we look to lock in another potential title win. With their ongoing bootcamp in our London HQ, we’ve had the privilege of meeting the team and helping them get ready ahead of the EWC, so we're excited to see you all cheer them on in their debut next week! Be sure to follow the team across their journey across socials as well as the FNATIC app.

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