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Fnatic Insights: Gender Equality in Gaming

Published: 08 Mar 2021

For International Women's Day 2021, Fnatic Insights has prepared the Gender Equality in Gaming report to address the current state of gender equality in the gaming ecosystem, highlight some of the barriers women continue to face and open up the conversation on diversity and equality.

The growth of the gaming industry has brought with it a growth in audience, one which is now a near even male/female split.

This report uses data from across the industry, and aims to highlight the stark challenges faced by the gaming industry to address its gender imbalances.

You can download the white paper here.

Fnatic will be sharing the report, along with other stories from talent and players on their social media channels.

Fnatic's Head of Talent, Soraya Sobh, will also lead a live Clubhouse Q&A on Monday 15th March at 4pm GMT.

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