Fnatic LoL Staff Update Summer Split 2022

Fnatic LEC Summer Split Staff Update

Published: 10 Jun 2022

One week to go till we step back into the rift. Feeling refreshed, reset and reinvigorated, we’re already deep into working on our summer season, with scrims and prep weeks underway. Before we step back into the LEC Studio, we’re excited to announce a variety of additions to our support staff to help us reach our best form this split, and take our play and team dynamic to a new level. Whilst normally serving behind the scenes of the team, these new members will be crucial to the team going forward, and we’re excited to welcome them to the Black & Orange.

Firstly, join us in giving Sens a warm welcome to the team. Sens serves as the team's newest performance coach, helping each team member reach the top of their game, supporting them in everything they do both on and off the Rift. We’d like to thank and wish our best wishes to Fab, our previous performance coach as he pursues a new future outside of Fnatic. Based in Berlin with us full-time, Sens is a psychologist with a specialisation in psychology in the field of competition, and will use his top of the field expertise to train the team and keep them in their best physical and mental form as they tackle this competitive Summer Split. With his experience from previous orgs including Movistar Riders, we’re happy to welcome Sens to his new family in the Black & Orange.

Shaves, the team's strategic coach, will also be joining us in our new BMW Facility on a more regular basis. With a strong understanding of the game and providing a huge impact in his time under the Black & Orange, he’ll be joining us in person on crucial and important weeks, to give our coaching and backroom staff extra support during critical periods of the season. We’re excited to have him around the new facility, and expect some Shaves cameos across our content too. We’re also actively looking for and are in the process of hiring a new data analyst for the team, and will have updates on this in the future.

In recent years, we’ve often looked to our academy squad when in need of a substitute, most recently bringing along Bean to Worlds 2021, where he put on a stellar performance in a time of need. Since then, our Academy programme has merged with Team Queso to create FnaticTQ, and they’ve already shown that they’re amongst the best in the region. We believe it’s important to keep this squad as close-knitted and connected as possible as they aim their crosshairs on the EU Masters trophy.

With this said, for future events including playoffs and Worlds, we’re excited to introduce Beansu to the team. With experience playing Top, Mid and Support and a proven career across multiple teams including AGO.Rogue, GamersOrigin & Movistar Riders, Beansu will be able to provide support to the LEC team when we need it the most. We wish FnaticTQ all the best as they take on another Superliga, and hope this change will cause as minimal disruption to their EUM goals as possible, and give us more flexibility in the event of emergency and illness.

With all these changes in place and weeks of scrimming, bonding and prep in our new facility behind us, we’re excited and ready to jump into this new LEC season. With a live crowd back this split, we hope you’ll join us in person to see the boys take on an exciting new season. As usual, we’ll be kicking off our usual coverage & content starting this Superweekend, and thank you for your support throughout last year and the offseason.

See you on the Rift. #ALWAYSFNATIC.

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