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The BMW x Fnatic Esports Performance Facility opens in Berlin

Published: 08 Jun 2022

Fnatic, the London-based esports performance brand, in partnership with German motoring manufacturer BMW, have today unveiled a brand new Esports Performance Facility based in Berlin. The BMW x Fnatic Esports Performance Facility will feature an array of solutions designed to cater to the needs of esports professionals competing at the highest level, setting a new standard for European esports training centres.

The purpose built training centre is equipped ultra-fast broadband with top range internal networking systems and has a range of high-spec features including; an in-house gym, fully serviced kitchen with appliances supplied by Hisense, changing rooms, a relaxation and recreation area, two gaming performance rooms, a content studio, a match review room, changing rooms, BMW sim racing rig and dedicated office space.

The facility will be used extensively by the Fnatic League of Legends team as they compete in the upcoming League of Legends European Championship (LEC) Summer Season. With qualifying spots for the League of Legends World Championship on the line, Fnatic will be looking to the increased capabilities of their Esports Performance Facility to raise their game and return to the top of the LEC.

Jens Hofer, Director of Fnatic’s High Performance Unit, said: “The BMW x Fnatic Esports Performance Facility has been specifically designed to support our League of Legends players as they strive for excellence in the upcoming LEC Summer Season. We’re so excited to finally be opening the unit alongside BMW and setting a new standard for esports facilities in Europe. This facility is another step forward for our HPU as we plan our return to the top of European League of Legends”.

“It is crucial to be able to offer our players a great 360º experience that covers all their needs. That combined with the right staff in all meaningful areas like sport psychology and performance, in-game knowledge, management and content, gives our players the resources they need to be able to get to their best version.” added LoL Team Director Javier Zafra.

The BMW x Fnatic Esports Performance Facility supports Fnatic’s wider esports performance strategy, which is based on eight different performance pillars. These include health, research, technology and software, in-game performance, processes and operations, youth structure, infrastructure and education. The ambition of the unit is to consistently improve the capabilities of Fnatic players by making marginal performance gains and improving results, starting with the Fnatic League of Legends team based in Berlin.

Pia Schörner, BMW Group Head of Gaming and Sponsoring, said: “We are excited to collaborate with Fnatic, one of our successful United in Rivalry teams, on the new BMW x Fnatic Esports Performance Facility. It will cover all aspects needed for a team to be able to compete at the highest level of Esports. The broad approach, ranging from players’ physical and mental health over content creation to in-game performance, is reflecting the philosophy of BMW when it comes to Esports. In addition, the facility provides the perfect stage to showcase BMW Group innovations that we will provide to support Fnatic and their players to further increase their performance. We’ll bring some exciting projects to life in the future.”

  • The BMW x Fnatic Esports Performance Facility is the result of a multi-year collaboration between the two high performance brands
  • The purpose-built facility will take Fnatic’s training capabilities to the next level, elevating Fnatic pro player’s performance across the board
  • BMW will work closely with Fnatic and the HPU to help boost performance levels with collaboration products in the works.

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