Fnatic Returns to Overwatch 2

Published: 12 Jun 2024

Back in the fight! We’re thrilled to finally announce our re-entry into a highly anticipated title as we return to Overwatch! With the revamped Overwatch Champions Series providing excitement and stability, it's the perfect time to bring our Black and Orange energy back to the stage.

We’ve been monitoring Overwatch for some time, scouting top teams worldwide, especially in EMEA, NA, and APAC. The South Korea-based free agents YETI caught our attention with their impressive performance in the OWCS Korea and the OWCS Asia Stage 1 Main Event, where they finished 4th and qualified for this summer’s Esports World Cup. Recognising their potential, we have collaborated closely with team management and coaches over recent months to assemble a roster that blends key members of the YETI squad with other APAC stars. This was driven by a commitment to build a team that can compete at the highest level, not only for the Esports World Cup but for the entire OWCS season and beyond.

And the result? Time to meet Fnatic's Overwatch 2 Starting Roster:

YETI were already an extremely impressive roster from the off, with all the pieces needed for us to make an instant impression within the space. After having worked closely on recruitment with Team Management and both Coaches we’re delighted to have brought many of them, along with some exciting new faces, into the Black and Orange.

The team will be headed up by YETI’s team manager Yohan ‘nuGget’ Kim who will also be joining Fnatic’s Esport team to manage Overwatch as well as our recent pickups in the fighting game space. Yohan has decade’s worth of experience in Esports and previously coached the New York Excelsior OWL team.

We’re also joined by Fate and Fleta as Head Coach and Assistant coach respectively, both iconic and beloved former players with an extremely high knowledge of the title and competing in it at this highest level. Alongside all the members above, we retain both Bliss and Irony from the original YETI squad, who will remain on the inactive roster as we go forward into the year.

We know this is an extremely exciting announcement for you, and it is for us too. We fell in love with Overwatch as a game after its launch, and were one of the most performative teams in its early competitive days, way before the franchised OWL began. Returning is a huge step for all of us, with many staff here at Fnatic avid Overwatch lovers themselves. Whilst we failed to take the biggest prizes and the largest trophies back in our former days, we’re confident and faithful in this roster's ability to contend with the game's best talent and bring a trophy home. Overwatch also serves as another Fnatic presence in South Korea, and we’re excited to bond with the strong and passionate esports audience there.

We encourage you to follow the players on socials and welcome them into Fnatic, and stay tuned for further updates on the squad. You can expect coverage and content for our matches on both our western Fnatic channels, as well as FNATIC_JP on X. Fnatic Overwatch will make their debut at Week 4 of the Esports World Cup in Riyadh, where we’re excited to show the world what they’re capable of - we hope you’ll cheer them on in their first debut!

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