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Fnatic Returns To Street Fighter

Published: 07 May 2024

One exciting announcement after another, they just keep coming! Today we’re thrilled to announce another new title under the Black and Orange as we return and reintroduce ourselves to the Street Fighter professional scene after 4 years, picking up one of the strongest and most renowned faces in Street Fighter 6 to represent Fnatic.

Join us in warmly welcoming Wong “Chris Wong” Yuk-cheung as the newest addition to Fnatic. Hailing from Hong Kong, Chris has been one of the best in Street Fighter since V where he was known for his dominant Nash, Ibuki and Juri - and as of the launch of SF6, Chris has skyrocketed in success within Asia and beyond with his iconic Luke performances, striking fear to anyone daring enough to face off with him on-stage.

Chris’s results speak for themselves - he was the second-place finisher at the biggest event in Street Fighter, the Capcom Cup X in Los Angeles. He placed first at both CPT 2023 in France and in Asia East’s CPT 23’ World Warrior #4, with dozens of other impressive finishes and wins in his portfolio. We’ve chosen one of the very best to return to Street Fighter with, and we can’t wait to see his results and performances under the Fnatic Banner.

SF6 allows us to continue building the Fnatic brand across the globe, tapping into a brand-new audience and region. We’re excited to work alongside Chris to develop and contribute to the Asia East SF6 scene and hope you’ll root for him across the globe, wherever you are. Street Fighter events tour all over the world, so it’s likely Chris won’t be too far away in the near future if you’d like to see him duke it out on stage live - and trust us, it’s impressive.

For his first appearance under the Fnatic banner, there’s not long to wait. He’ll represent us at the upcoming DreamHack Dallas 2024 event starting at the end of May, and we can’t wait to see him rocking his brand-new jersey and what he can do going forward. If you want to learn more about Chris, we encourage you to follow him on socials at https://twitter.com/ChrisWong1028 and stay tuned to our own official channels for more updates about SF6.

Lastly, we want to thank Yesports for a smooth transition into introducing Chris into the Black and Orange. Let’s get it!

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