FNATIC teams-up with UNICEF

FNATIC teams-up with UNICEF

Published: 16 Jan 2020

The only thing worse than having a bad game is being flamed for it. We’ve all been there: toxicity, trolling and negative comments in-game often turn favourite activities into stress-filled situations that can ruin what you love to do the most.

That’s why we couldn’t be prouder to announce our 2020 partnership with UNICEF.

This January, UNICEF supporter and internationally-renowned England footballer Marcus Rashford will be joining FNATIC esports players live on stream in order to raise funds for issues affecting children and young adults, such as cyber-bullying and online toxicity.

The #GotYourBack campaign will feature charity streams from some of FNATIC’s most prominent esports stars, and will actively promote in-game positivity in the hopes of moving towards a not-too-distant future where toxicity is a thing of the past.

Funds raised during the campaign will support UNICEF’s programmes globally, helping to make a better world for children - both on and offline. If you want to get involved and make a difference, find out more here: https://tiltify.com/unicef-uk/gotyourback