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Fnatic Valorant Welcomes BraveAF

Published: 21 Jan 2022

With VCT Challengers just around the corner, we’re excited to finally introduce our newest addition to Fnatic Valorant. Join us in welcoming Andrew ‘BraveAF’ Gorchakov as our newest member to field the Black and Orange.

Hailing from Russia, Andrew represents everything we look for in a player at Fnatic. A young, promising, and motivated talent with huge potential, Andrew has an enormous skill ceiling. In-game, he wields a fierce aim and intelligent utility usage, and out of game, he displays everything we value at Fnatic: a hunger to improve and a positive attitude to his teammates and those around him.

Rotating between various teams including Team Finest & One Breath Gaming in 2021, Brave has proven himself as a name to be feared; especially in the CIS scene. We’re happy he can now call Fnatic home and prove himself on the world stage. Working alongside Boaster, Mistic, Derke, Magnum & Coach Mini, expect a shakeup in what Fnatic Valorant looks like this year.

We wanted to change roles for 2022, giving Boaster more flexibility as the IGL-support player. Looking for a confident Sova player, Brave represented the things we value in-game: great aim and intelligent utility usage, as well as the things we value out of game: a hunger to improve and being a positive teammate. Like our previous pickups, we feel we have found another highly skilled player with huge potential. As a Russian, Brave also gets the secret “playing the agent from your region” buff!

Jacob ‘Mini’ Harris

Valorant Challengers returns on the 11th of February for EMEA Stage 1, where you’ll see what Brave is really capable of. We hope you’re as excited as we are for the future of Fnatic Valorant, and we’re confident 2022 is going to continue to build on the successes and wins of last year. Welcome to the Black & Orange, Andrew!

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