Fnatic Valorant Welcomes Otom

Fnatic Valorant Welcomes Otom

Published: 03 Mar 2022

Join us in giving a huge and warm welcome to Tom "otom" Hart, the newest addition to Fnatic Valorant. Otom will join the roster as a substitute player, working alongside our already established squad to develop his own skills as a player and fill into the main roster where necessary.

A British player, playing most recently with Rix.GG Thunder, Otom appeared throughout last year's VCT Challengers proving himself as a capable player in the EU VCT scene. We’re confident that working alongside the Fnatic roster we can provide Tom with valuable experience; allowing him to hone his skills further and develop himself under our world-class coaching and HPU (High Performance Unit). Team Director Colin ‘CoJo’ Johnson said this about the team's newest addition:

Looking at the unexpected events of the last few years and how unpredictable this season has been, we decided bringing in a sub to assist the team would be prudent. Tom is a versatile player with insane mechanics who has a high-level understanding of the game, making it easy to integrate him into our systems if needed. With his experience competing in his former teams, we are confident he can handle both the skill and pressure levels of official play at FNATIC.

Colin 'CoJo' Johnson

Otom has already begun integrating himself with the team and is settling in well. We’re confident that, if and when the time comes, he’ll be able to put on a show at the VCT.

Welcome to the Black & Orange, Tom

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