Fnatic Welcomes Fea

Published: 31 Mar 2022

With VCT Masters Reykjavik lying just around the corner, we need to provide an update regarding the team lineup. Whilst BraveAF has been suspended from the roster pending a current investigation, it became apparent to us beforehand that he would be unable to attend Masters due to visa issues and circumstances involving international flight from Russia.

With our team so strongly built around his presence and capability on Sova, our eyes have been set on bringing in someone who can match that level of skill and potential. It was vital to bring in someone who can provide the same strong recon capabilities to the team, as well as being a potent backbone across the roster. Whilst we’ve recently added Tom ‘otom’ Hart to the squad as a substitute, his agent pool in this case does not align with what we’re looking for.

With this said, we’re excited to welcome Enzo "Fea" Mestari to the squad on loan as we make our way to Iceland. Known for his excellent IGL skills in Alliance, as well as impressive showings on Sova, Fea serves as the strong and feared player we’re looking for as we take our roster forward to Iceland. With a strong background in the VRL and French Valorant scene, we’re excited to see what Fea is capable of on the worldwide stage. Team Director Colin ‘CoJo’ Johnson had this to say:

I think we have found a great replacement in Enzo, who has proven over the last 18 months in Valorant that he is one of the best Sova's in the region. He has been consistently playing at a top level and led Alliance to some really impressive performances especially in the last few months as their IGL and captain in the Polaris VRL. We believe he will slot in pretty easily and add a lot of value going into Iceland.

Colin ‘CoJo’ Johnson

We want to thank everyone at Alliance for allowing this loan to happen, and we’re confident that Fea’s time in the Black & Orange will provide him valuable experience that he can bring back to the squad. We’ll do our best to represent the very best of EMEA in the upcoming event.

Welcome to the Black and Orange, Enzo. See you in Reykjavik.