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Fnatic x ASOS - All you need to know

Published: 23 Sep 2021

We exist to level up all gamers, even outside of the game itself no matter what the situation.

As part of our new partnership with ASOS, we’re committed to leveling up our fans' choice of clothing and styles for whatever the occasion.

As part of this partnership, we understand that Fast Fashion and its environmental impact is not a topic that should be taken lightly. Therefore, this played a large part of why we chose ASOS, due to their industry leading approach towards this issue.


What are ASOS’s thoughts on the sustainability of Fast Fashion?

ASOS said: “Fast fashion for us is about quickly responding to trends – it’s not inherently unsustainable. There will always be a market for newness in fashion and the important thing is how you do that responsibly: how you encourage pre-loved shopping, facilitate reuse and recycling, use better materials and embrace circular business models. That’s what our new goals set out to achieve.”

“Fashion With Integrity has been at the heart of everything we do at ASOS for more than a decade. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved so far – but now we’re taking even greater action.”

What is ASOS’ approach to Fast Fashion?

Transparency is an integral part of ASOS’ strategy. Understanding where the clothes are made, who made them and how they are treated is vital to ensure a responsible and ethical supply chain that protects, respects and empowers workers, wherever the ASOS brand falls.

That’s why ASOS have committed to 100% supply chain transparency for their products, and to working with our brand partners to ensure they are being transparent too. This builds on ASOS’ already industry-leading approach to working with their suppliers and brand partners to ensure they can deliver against their standards.

How are they aiming to achieve “Fashion With Integrity”?

ASOS have already mapped and regularly publish lists of our Tier 1-3 suppliers, covering their main production sites and other key partners. ASOS will now work to achieve full transparency down to Tier 5 – through to raw material level - for their own supply chain by 2030, at the latest, by investing in the necessary technology and working with partners.

The responsibility for a sustainable future lies with all of us and businesses must lead the way. ASOS are focused on making sure we deliver products and brands that allow their customers to shop ethically and responsibly, safe in the knowledge that they are reducing their impact on the planet and contributing to a fairer world.

More Information on ASOS’ Goals

Be Transparent’ is one of ASOS’ four new goals underpinning its Fashion With Integrity programme.

You can find their full release here: https://www.londonstockexchange.com/news-article/ASC/asos-announces-ambitious-new-2030-esg-goals/15136962

By 2030, ASOS will have led improvements on human rights and transparency within its own supply chain and the wider fashion industry. Specific targets include:

  • 100% of ASOS own-brand products will have supply chains mapped to raw material level by 2030, extending its existing supply chain mapping
  • Customers will be able to easily view and interact with information on the sustainability credentials of 100% of ASOS own-brand products by 2030
  • 100% of third-party brands on ASOS will have committed to the Transparency Pledge and new ASOS Ethical Trading policy by no later than 2025
  • From 2023, ASOS will publish annual human rights strategy and implementation reports, focused on freedom of association, gender empowerment, wages, and modern slavery, for independent monitoring by existing partners and external campaign groups
More about ASOS’ commitment to transparency

You can read more about ASOS’ commitment to transparency in the Fashion with Integrity 2030 Strategy Report on page 11-12.

Please find a link to the report here: https://www.asosplc.com/~/media/Files/A/Asos-V2/fashion-with-integrity-our-2030-strategy.pdf

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