Fnatic x L'Oréal Men Expert - All you need to know

Published: 12 Jan 2022

We exist to level up all gamers, even outside of the game itself no matter what the situation.

As part of our new partnership with L'Oréal Men Expert, we’re committed to levelling up our fans' skin and body routines for whatever the occasion.

As part of this partnership, we understand that skin and body-care products; and their sustainability impact is never a topic that should be taken lightly. Therefore, this played a large part of why we chose L'Oréal Men Expert, due to their industry leading approach towards this issue.


Why is L’Oréal Men Expert, teaming up with Fnatic?

L’Oréal Men Expert and FNATIC are partnering together to drive towards a common vision to level up both performance in game and IRL.

As both brands share these strong values, they will team up throughout the 2022 season, developing engaging and creative content through the lens of the #PrepToPlay overarching campaign.

What’s the idea behind the message of this collaboration, #PrepToplay?

In order to be able to achieve your goals, whether that be in-game or IRL, ensuring that you combine hard work, passion and proper preparation is key. The ideology behind #PrepToPlay is one that L’oreal Men Expert and Fnatic live by.

  • Fnatic teams know that to be the best in-game, we need to have the best preparation process outside of it thanks to L'Oréal Men Expert.
  • It is every one of those marginal gains that helps to ensure that Fnatic teams/ talent are one step ahead of any competitor.
  • As an esports team, we may not always win, but aim to ensure those losses are not due to a lack of preparation.
  • We feel that L'Oréal Men Expert products are a key part of that preparation, by introducing a daily ritual and routine that emphases confidence, trust and self-belief it should help to empower our players to strive to be the best version of themselves in all areas of their lives not just in-game.
  • Looking after yourself is not to be laughed at, it's to be celebrated and by preparing correctly across anything that you do, helps enable and empowers you to perform at the best of your ability.
What are both brands’ vision for this partnership?

Both brands are committed to empowering all of FNATIC’s esports teams, talent and community, by providing them the confidence to play better.

This partnership underlines both L’Oréal Men Expert and FNATIC’s holistic approach to performance and highlights their philosophy that preparation and self-care is the foundation to success. Because no matter the platform, dedicating the time to preparation enhances the chances of a winning performance. 


What are L’Oréal Men Expert's sustainability approaches?

For information about L'Oréal's sustainability approach, it can be found here - https://www.loreal.com/en/commitments-and-responsibilities/for-the-planet/

What can we expect from the L’Oréal Men Expert x FNATIC collaboration?

L’Oréal Men Expert and FNATIC have an ambition to unite gaming fans around gaming through year-long activations: co-branded docu-series featuring Fnatic teams and talent Pre-game activations on social media, sponsorship of FNATIC jersey across all its teams.

Additionally, to complement docu-series, L’Oréal Men Expert will also sponsor Fnatic’s resident League of Legends content creator Rhobalas’ popular online web series, “The Rhobalas Show”, which focuses on all things League of Legends and LEC, featuring in-depth guest interviews with players, organisations and much more.

L’Oréal Men Expert x FNATIC will be releasing a docu-series featuring FNATIC gamers and influencers. What is the series about?

The docu-series will be focusing on the a variety FNATIC teams, players and influencers ahead of their biggest moments. They will share how L’Oréal Men Expert products play a key part of their routine but also talk openly about on how things are going – their struggles, successes, rituals.

There will be 4 episodes during the year, each leading up to specific gaming moments or events throughout the esports calendar.

Will L'Oréal Men Expert be on the back of the jersey?

Yes, L'Oréal Men Expert will be present on the back of every Fnatic team's Pro 22 Jersey throughout the year.

Additionally, they will also be present on the back of the retail Pro 22 Jersey, that you will be able to purchase at Fnatic.com/shop.

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