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Choosing your perfect mousepad: FOCUS 3 vs DASH

Published: 02 Nov 2021

At Fnatic, we're all about achieving the maximum performance in everything we do. Even the humble mousepad can bring out more consistency and comfort in a player's aim. Thus, our mousepads have been developed with esports professionals for different preferences for control and speed. Whether you're interested in a control mat, or a speedier glide from a hybrid mat, we've got something for you.


The new FOCUS 3 gives you complete control - with the FOCUS V3 cloth surface that gives you great stopping power while maintaining a smooth glide. If you prefer to hit the breaks hard, this is the mat for you.


The DASH gives you a speedier glide for those quick flicks - with its hybrid F15 surface that gives you smoother swipes, while still providing excellent control with its soft rubber base. If you like faster flicks, this is the pad you'll rock with.