Farewell Hylissang

Hylissang Departs Fnatic

Published: 25 Nov 2022

After almost five years in the Black and Orange, today we say farewell to Zdravets Iliev “Hylissang” Galabov, as he pursues a new future in the LEC.

Joining in 2018, Hyli arrived from Unicorns of Love with a spark and an unmatched level of enthusiasm. He brought his textbook aggression and unpredictability to the rift and helped us forge a truly unforgettable year of Fnatic League of Legends. His chemistry and attitude within his lane quickly helped shape the playstyle of the whole team, allowing us to best both of 2018’s Spring and Summer Splits. Hyli quickly proved himself as one of the best Supports in Europe. In his first year within Fnatic he helped us reach the finals on the grandest stage in League of Legends at Worlds 2018. It was here that he truly marked his name in the history of the game.

Hylissang’s unpredictable, courageous and aggressive playstyle never stopped. Never once did he stop surprising his fans, doubters and everyone in between. Never once did he settle for less than he knew he was capable of; helping to bring Fnatic to the playoffs and finals of the LEC time and time again. And with four Worlds now behind him, we’re proud to say he has truly been one of the most iconic players to ever play under the Black and Orange. His contribution to our huge presence within the title can not be understated.

Hylissang quickly made himself a fan favourite, and will leave hundreds of unforgettable moments and memories with us. That G2 backdoor, his world-class Pyke showings, his menacing Thresh hooks and countless more. His gameplay left him many nicknames, ones we are sure will stick with him forever. The Professor, Hylibaba, Guccisang…the list goes on.

Outside of the rift, Hyli’s gentle, bubbly and professional nature quickly made him a loveable sensation, with his positive nature consistently shining through his appearances in our content, on broadcast and on stage. Team director Javi ‘Dardo’ Zafra said this about Hyli’s departure:

“It’s always hard to say goodbye to players like Hyli. As a staple of the roster for the last few years, Hyli has brought a lot during his time here and remains an extremely unique and skillful talent with a lot to give. More than that, he is one of the most lovely players I’ve had the privilege of working with, a true professional both in and out of the game. We’re extremely proud to have had him in Fnatic, to see him grow and form his legacy as one of EU’s best. We wish him all the best going forward and thank him for all his efforts here in the Black and Orange”

As Hyli leaves for his new home, all of us at Fnatic want to say thank you for everything over these past years. You have provided us with countless unforgettable and truly iconic moments. You have defined yourself as one of the region’s best and brightest. We are immensely proud to have been such a pivotal part of your journey, and we look forward to seeing your continued growth. We’ll see you again soon, this time on the other side of the Rift.

Once Fnatic, Always Fnatic. Thank you for everything, Hyli.