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Introducing REACT

Published: 14 Oct 2019

Fnatic GEAR, known for their award-winning keyboards, brings you the first fully developed in-house headset - introducing REACT.

The only things that really matters for a gaming headset is directional audio with great clarity, crystal clear comms with an amazing mic, and comfort for those long grinds. REACT headset has been designed exactly for this. It's a headset crafted by the world's elite esports athletes, with no unnecessary features, and a super competitive retail price of $69.99.

Key Features:


53mm Drivers calibrated for esports.

Created alongside veteran esports stars, we’ve tailored the sound for tight low end, no overpowering bass, whilst enhancing the mid-high range.

Pinpoints your target’s location.

The REACT’s precise directional sound stage & engineering choices provides wide open sound without excessive sound leakage.

Designated frequency chambers for tight bass.

The bass frequencies are separated from the mids/highs,preventing distortion of important sound frequencies. Overpowering explosions will no longer drown out the subtle details or important footsteps.


Crystal clear communications.

The cardioid microphone capsule is large and targets sounds directly from the mouth with a dedicated & detachable boom microphone, and a flexible and durable arm that holds position.

Distortion-free commands.

Included pop filter and large analog boom capsule,outputs your vocal frequencies clearly.


Game all day long.

Backed by Fnatic’s esports athletes, our players test our headsets in serious gaming situations to ensure ultimate comfort.

Premium Protein Leather ear-cups are soft and durable.

This uber soft and grainy protein leather is as demanded by our players.

Thick memory foam padding.

Embedded on both the earcups and headband, the quality memory foam moulds a comfortable shape around your ears and head, ensuring all-day gaming. The flexible, full metal headband, guaranteeing long-lasting durability.

REACT is compatible with every gaming device: PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Wii U or mobile phone. Pre-order your REACT today here.