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Launching the new Fnatic Digital Platform

Published: 20 May 2021

In a little over a year since launching our new brand to the world, we’re very excited today to be launching the first public beta version of Fnatic App Version 0.1.

It’s just a website you say? Yes, for now.

The new web app experience has been built from the ground up by our recently formed internal tech team to be a single touchpoint for everything Fnatic, and a foundation upon which we will build the next generation of digital experiences for our community and fans.

We’ve come a long way in the 17-year history of Fnatic, with four different iterations of our site and millions of users over the years. But today is the launch of the 5th and final 'site' launch, from now it will be an iterative product with frequent updates, and why we are calling this the Fnatic App v0.1.

What's included

With this 0.1 MVP(Minimal Viable Product, tech for ‘there’s more coming’) launch we’ll be launching a number of new features:

  • ‘Feed’ our new home page, pulling content from all over our site and internet. Over time this will get refined and even personalised
  • Esports’ we’re evolving our players and game sections, with much more content and highlighting our extensive team staff and creators. In the near future expect social content, streams, and matches to be included
  • Careers’ a completely re-built area to learn more about life and work at Fnatic. Hint: Come join us
  • Partners’ for the first time ever we're highlighting some of our amazing partners and the award-winning work we’ve done with them, in our new case studies section
  • Dark mode’ yep we’re gamers, we now follow your system settings, but you can also toggle this from the footer.
  • Mobile’ we’ve designed this from the ground up for mobile, so you know, you don't need to leave the couch.

Future Roadmap

But this is just the beginning. We’ve got a lot more on the roadmap:

  • Product pages to be completely overhauled, combining apparel and Gear
  • Community hubs for the #ALWAYSFNATIC fans to come together.
  • Fnatic ID to be announced.
  • The Fnatic shop completely new shopping experience.
  • A cross-platform app coming to an app store near you.
  • and whatever else you want from us!

Tell us what you think

We want to hear from you what features you’d like to see for the next version, drop us some feedback here:

Tech stack

Finally, for those curious, the site is built with the following tech stack:, a headless CMS, Next.js, a React framework, Tailwind CSS and Storybook to handle our new component library.

Hope you enjoy the new experience, from all of us at Fnatic!