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LOL | Mithy joins Fnatic as Head Coach

Published: 05 Dec 2019

Alfonso ‘Mithy’ Aguirre Rodríguez retires from professional play seven-and-a-half years after his debut.

The legendary support steps up to become our LEC team’s new head coach, pending Riot approval.

As a three-time EU LCS champion, a player known for almost a decade for his macroplay understanding, Mithy’s storied career has seen him become a legendary player amongst Europeans. From playing with high ping in his Canary Islands home to reaching a Worlds semifinal, Mithy retires now as undoubtedly one of the greatest supports in European history.

On retiring, Mithy stated:

“It’s quite strange, I knew it had to come at some point, and I knew this was going to be my natural career choice after playing for a long time now. But, still, you never really know when the time is right to stop.
I didn’t really want to play in a not-so competitive team, so I decided that maybe this was the right time to move on.”

His first true taste of success when qualifying for Worlds in 2013 with Lemondogs. But he truly captures the minds of Europe when he joined xPeke in his newly formed Origen. We might not have got the dream Fnatic-Origen Worlds final in 2015, but we’d have plenty of battles against Mithy when he’d move to G2 Esports and win three back-to-back EU LCS titles.

His long-term botlane partnership with Zven (or Niels) ended after a year-to-forget in North America. The Team Solomid move ended in disappointment, but he’d end his career with a year back at Origen and topped it off with a second-place finish in Rotterdam this year.

Mithy replaces Joey ‘Youngbuck’ Steltenpool, who departed Fnatic after two years last month.

Speaking on the difference between 2019’s team and his team now, Mithy said:

“The only difference is Broxah leaving and of course me coming in. I’ve experienced first hand how one piece moving can change so much, so I know that the change is going to be very big in many ways. Although, I also think that bringing in Selfmade, who has a very different playstyle, is going to create more of a fresh identity to Fnatic in itself.

On becoming Black and Orange, our new head coach said:

“Joining Fnatic as head coach ticks all the boxes; not just the organisation itself, but also personally I thought “this is the last team i have to have joined to have been in ‘The Big Three’!
I also feel that Fnatic has been very well known for talent growth and, even though I'm going to be coach, I feel like they’re going to be helping me a lot in terms of my own personal growth and how I can be better at the job.
I’ve been a fan of Fnatic for a while now. Since I played Counter-Strike when I was a little kid, Fnatic has been around, so it’s always been exciting for me. I’m excited for 2020!”

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It became a rumour. So, we thought, "Why not?"

Welcome, @ogmithy! Our new #LEC head coach!

Se convirtió en un rumor. Entonces pensamos, "¿Por qué no?"

¡Bienvenido, mithy! Nuestro nuevo entrenador en jefe de LEC!

*Pending Riot approval* pic.twitter.com/ZpQOrxSjkP

— FNATIC (@FNATIC) December 5, 2019