LOL | Selfmade enters Fnatic’s jungle

LOL | Selfmade enters Fnatic’s jungle

Published: 21 Nov 2019

Oskar ‘Selfmade’ Boderek joins Fnatic after his contract with SK Gaming has been traded.

The 19-year old Pole replaces Broxah as the starting jungler for Fnatic’s LEC roster.

Selfmade joined LEC as a rookie last year, when he joined the returning SK Gaming from MAD Lions, where he famously won EU Masters and two SuperLiga Splits alongside Fnatic’s current midlaner Tim ‘Nemesis’ Lipovšek.

By Spring Split already, Selfmade made a name for himself as he helped SK Gaming to a playoff finish whilst picking up one of the most well-contested Rookie of the Split awards to date.

Selfmade’s arrival, which comes on the same week as we saw long-serving jungler Broxah depart, marks a change of gear for Fnatic in League of Legends. We see that Europe has all the respect and reason to become the best region in the world during 2020, and we only aim to be the leading representative.

Sam Mathews, founder and CEO of Fnatic said:

“Everything in this offseason has been decisions within Fnatic’s control. For right or wrong, we make bold and tough decisions in order to deliver a Worlds-winning team for you. Sometimes, things have to change, and we welcome Selfmade now in our search for topping global League of Legends.”

Fnatic was created to win. You saw us become the first World Champions. Now, we aim to bring the Summoner’s Cup back to Europe.

Upon his arrival, Selfmade said:

“I’ve joined Fnatic to win Worlds and to become the best jungler in the world. It won’t be an easy task, but I fully believe we can do it.”

Even with the year yet to finish, Selfmade has already visited Berlin to see what Fnatic’s new Berlin facilities will look like and to become acquainted with his new jersey.

“I’m grateful for a once in a lifetime opportunity to work for such a huge organisation. I’m delighted to be reunited with Nemesis and to play alongside three Worlds finalists.
I’m very open-minded and I always look for new experiences, both in-game and in life. I hope and believe that’s the attitude that can make me the perfect fit for Fnatic, as I already obviously know we’ll have incredible midlane-jungle synergy.”

Selfmade had some words directly for his new team’s fans:

“I’m incredibly proud to be a part of this great organisation. Even though I’m replacing Broxah, who deserved to be very popular amongst fans, I can absolutely promise I will do my best to make Fnatic achieve more than what they’ve ever done before.
And, to all of those who’ve followed me this far, thank you for cheering for me in all moments throughout my career. It’s here in Fnatic that I can make you most proud.”

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We're made for one thing: winning Worlds.

Our roster changes, our vision does not.

He's made to win Worlds. He's Fnatic @selfmade_LoL.

— FNATIC (@FNATIC) November 21, 2019