LOL | Summer Split Player and Staff Update

Published: 30 May 2019

Having had to settle for third place in the inaugural LEC Split this spring, we have spent time before Summer Split to review what will help us return to the Black and Orange to where we are expected.

As well as internal improvements to our existing starting roster and coaching staff, we introduce three new members to the Fnatic Berlin office and consequently one new face at Fnatic London.

We can congratulate Daniel ‘Dan’ Hockley on his promotion to the main roster as well as welcoming Carlos ‘Melon’ Malzahn and Alejandro ‘Mapache’ Parejo Martinez as Team Manager and Head Analyst respectively.

Replacing Dan in our Rising lineup will be Cantoursna ‘Nji’ An, who arrives off a Spring Split with ROG Esport in his native France.

Having spent two splits in an incredibly successful 2018 with a six-man in-house League of Legends roster, we will be returning to the same model during LEC Summer Split with the promotion of Daniel ‘Dan’ Hockley from our London League operation.

“Having been around the Challenger and Academy scene for several years, I’m thankful to Fnatic for seeing that I can make the step up to LEC. I’m looking forward to working with Broxah and the rest of the team as we aim for a return to the top.
Thank you to my teammates at Fnatic Rising for an amazing spring, which I’m sure they’ll continue this summer.” - Daniel ‘Dan’ Hockley

Dan was a huge part of a winning first split for Fnatic Rising, our academy team who lifted the inaugural UK League of Legends Championship in March. As a loud and leading figure in the Rising team, his experience in the team led to a top four finish in our first ever EU Masters.

Dan first played at Fnatic for our Academy team in the EUCS 2017 Spring Split, when he acted as Broxah’s substitute then. Since, we’ve seen him become perhaps the most consistent jungler outside of LEC.

“We are looking to recreate the success we had last season and we identified that having a six-man roster was one of the key reasons behind that success.
Considering that Dan had a stellar Spring Split with Fnatic Rising, it made a lot of sense for us to move him in-house with our team to further develop him and to use his game sense to make the team grow.” - Joey ‘YoungBuck’ Steltenpool, Fnatic League of Legends Head Coach
“After our third place result in the Spring LEC Finals, our staff went back to the drawing board and looked at the things we need to do to become a stronger roster.
Amongst many improvements is to increase our depth and strength in the jungle position for our LEC team. After a very successful spring split with our UKLC squad, we see this as an incredibly timely and deserved opportunity to promote Dan.
We're incredibly happy to see Dan progress, but also have absolutely no doubt that Broxah will continue to be an integral part of our team and also start in LEC.
We hope this helps reaffirm our utmost belief in our academy system - to not only grow new talent but to improve our team as a whole.” - Jan ‘Careion’ Hoffmann, Fnatic League of Legends Team Director


Behind the players you see on the LEC stage each week, we’ve made two new additions in Carlos ‘Melon’ Malzahn, who will act as our team’s manager, and Alejandro ‘Mapache’ Parejo Martinez, who arrives as our head analyst.

Mapache comes in with top level experience at G2 Esports and, most recently, with Excel in their first LEC Split.

We will also be continuing to work with Kris Perquy, who arrived as our team’s sports psychologist during our Spring Split.


Dan’s replacement, Cantoursna ‘Nji’ An will come as no stranger to fans of the UK League of Legends scene. Nji was part of the Diabolus Esports lineup that took Misfits Academy to a five game thriller in the Forge of Champions 2018 Summer Grand Final.

In 2019, Nji played with ROG Esports, who lost in the LFL Playoffs against the eventual EU Masters winners, who were again Misfits Academy.

“I’m excited to get started in London and help Fnatic Rising win another UKLC title. This is one of the best academy teams in Europe and I’m sure we can win EU Masters together.” - Cantoursna ‘Nji’ An

As ever with our signings to Fnatic Rising, we are incredibly excited to see Nji grow and show why he’s been touted as such an exciting talent.

Despite coming away happy with our top four finish in EU Masters Spring 2019, we aim for even better this summer.

It’s with sadness that we say we won’t be extending with secondary support, Raphaël ‘Targamas’ Crabbé. Targamas was an important part of our impressive academy split and we wish him well in his future endeavours.

However, Nji will join his four other teammates in our brand new London gaming house ahead of Summer Split. You’ll see more of the boys in London coming soon.

We see so much potential in our newest Rising addition, Nji and hope he will continue to grow with us on our way to another UKLC title.” - Jan ‘Careion’ Hoffmann, Fnatic League of Legends Team Director

Nji’s arrival is pending Riot approval.


Main LEC roster

Top: Gabriël ‘Bwipo’ Rau
Jungle: Mads ‘Broxah’ Brock-Pedersen
Middle: Tim ‘Nemesis’ Lipovšek
Bottom: Martin ‘Rekkles’ Larsson
Support: Zdravets ‘Hylissang’ Galabov
Substitute: Daniel ‘Dan’ Hockley

Berlin support staff

LoL Director: Jan ‘Careion’ Hoffmann
Head Coach: Joey ‘Youngbuck’ Steltenpool
Team Manager: Carlos ‘Melon’ Malzahn
Assistant Coach: Louis-Victor 'Mephisto' Legendre
Head Analyst: Alejandro ‘Mapache’ Parejo Martinez
Sport Psychologist: Kris Perquy

Fnatic Rising roster

Top: Jordan ‘Shikari’ Pointon
Jungle: Cantoursna ‘Nji’ An
Middle: Felix ‘MagiFelix’ Boström
Bottom: Matthew ‘xMatty’ Coombs
Support: Tom ‘Prosfair’ Willis
Substitute: Ronaldo ‘Ronaldooo’ Betea

Rising support staff

LoL Director: Jan ‘Careion’ Hoffmann
Team Manager: Michael ‘Garki’ Bolze
Head Coach: Alejandro ‘Jandro’ Fernández-Valdés