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#NEXT10 Update

Published: 10 Dec 2021

With our eyes and ambitions set towards our #NEXT10 of League of Legends (and after an urm, unfortunate ‘accidental’ leak) we’re excited to finally introduce our 2022 LEC roster:

  • Top: Wunder*
  • Jungle: Razork*
  • Mid: Humanoid**
  • Bot Lane: Upset
  • Support: Hylissang

See that one coming? We’re confident this is one of the strongest and most competitive rosters entering the LEC this upcoming Spring split. Working from our well defined, proven & robust bot lane in Upset & Hylissang, LEC Champion Humanoid’s arrival from MAD Lions will provide a strong and threatening presence throughout the mid lane, as well as huge impact throughout team fights and objective kills.

Razork arrives from Misfits, a dagger in the dark who is sure to prove a menace to anyone foolish enough to challenge his presence throughout the Jungle. Hell, even if you’re minding your own business, we’d watch your back. On top duty, enter Wunder - a veteran, dominating figure on the top lane by day, & professional MMO player by night, who we’ve recently rescued from a crumbling fast food chain.

To provide an update on the ever charismatic Nisqy, he’ll be staying with the squad as a substitute for the 2022 split whilst joining us for content and streaming. Bean will move to focusing on dominating the Superliga full time, and we’re thankful for his efforts especially during this year's Worlds.

A roster this stacked, working together alongside our groundbreaking staff, management & industry defining HPU unit? We’re positive 2022 is going to be a year for the history books, and a firm step towards our NEXT10 goals and ambitions.

Expect more from this groundbreaking roster come 2022, including proper introductions to each player, new content, and of course - one banger LEC Spring Split. Next year sees new changes across the board for Fnatic, with us opening our new state-of-the-art Berlin Facility in which this exciting LEC roster will be housed, as well as the debut of our new Fnatic Academy in Spain, where we’ve been working tirelessly with Team Queso to premiere in the 2022 Superliga with a bang.

With this new LEC roster practicing & playing under the same roof as each other, tightly supported by our staff & content team - this will be an environment and roster like none other in Esports, and we’re taking you all the way with us. Whether you’re a Fnatic fan or someone who still needs convincing, expect deep dives into the behind the scenes of the team all the way through their practice, play and off-stage antics. And of course, there's still a lot more up our sleeves that you’ll see come early 2022.

Excited? We are too, and this is just the beginning: Get your questions ready & join us on Monday the 13th at 6:30 GMT for a live streamed AMA with Wunder, Razork, Upset & Hyli at twitch.tv/fnatic. Humanoid is still a bit busy dealing with some angry lions, so you’ll see more of him come 2022. And trust us when we say we’ve got big plans coming. Get ready for a year of Fnatic League of Legends that you’ll never forget.

*Pending Riot approval

**From 1st January 2022, pending Riot approval

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