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Quickfire Interview with Abed

Published: 17 Jun 2019

Quickfire Questions With Abed

Fnatic Dota 2 have had a crazy season, seeing results consistently improve before stumbling in Paris with an early exit. While the loss was disappointing, it also secured an invite to The International 9.

With the last Major of the season approaching, and The International not far behind, we shot some quick questions at our star mid Abed “Abed” Yusop about Paris, Moscow, and adjusting to the meta.

Q. Which major of the DPC was the most challenging?

A. The most challenging major for me was the Kuala Lumpur because it was our first major together and we were still figuring out how the team would work at the time.

Q. During the Paris Major, were there any big surprises that contributed to the result?

A. I think we were just not prepared going into the tournament.

Q. Where any big changes implemented to preparation for a tournament after Paris?

A. There is not much change in our preparation, everyone is just trying to play more pubs now.

Q. Among the teams that you have competed with this season, which has been the toughest?

A. VG. We have played against them a lot in scrims and the results were in their favor.

Q. How do you feel about getting a slot at TI9?

A. It’s nice to get a slot at TI9 and not having to play the qualifiers but our goal doesn’t end there.

Q. Do you prefer adjusting to the meta each patch or do you prefer sticking to comfort heroes?

A. I think you have to be able to adapt to each patch and have your comfort heroes at the same time. I believe all the heroes are viable to every meta if you train them enough.

Q. What are you expectations in Moscow?

A. I would love to get a better result than the previous ones we’ve had so we will just focus on getting better.

While Fnatic have already secured an invite to The International 9, Abed and the boys will be desperate to set the tone with a great performance in the final Major of the year. With 16 of the world's best teams fighting it out for the $1,000,000 USD prize pool, you don't want to miss it.

The EPICENTER Major starts June 22nd in Moscow.