R6 Roster Update

R6 Roster Update

Published: 13 Sep 2022


As we look to start to build toward the future in anticipation of what next year brings, we are making some changes to our Rainbow 6 lineup.

Firstly we would like to thank Yura and Li9ht for their time with us. Stage 2 saw an improvement in RJL results during the league stage with an incredible individual performance from Yura and with Li9ht taking over the IGL role. Although, APAC and RJL playoffs still hasn't quite reached desired results we know these players will be a forced to be reckoned with at their new home. Ultimately a difference in ideology and perspective in a few of areas meant that we would have to part ways with how we would like to move forward with Siege.

A critical time in Rainbow is upon us with significant changes coming, several organisations leaving the space and others seeing a change in the old guard.

With that please welcome a man that needs little introduction within Japan and the broader R6 community. Ramu is a talent we were very interested in working with from the start. He brings a wealth of experience and leadership in which we look to continue to build and develop our young talent like chibisu and new signing Tyopi around. He will be a critical part to the foundation of the Fnatic R6 team as we look to take our spot back on the international stage.

Tyopi brings a strong and passionate talent for the game and an unwavering attitude of professionalism and desire for constant development and improvement.

We also finally see the return of Mag after missing 2 stages and having to endure some very frustrating circumstances. We hope you will join us is thanking him for his commitment to the project and support his long awaited return.

Mag understands very well what expectations rest on the shoulders of being Fnatic and with Ramu will lead the team towards Rainbow 6 next challenges and Fnatic's place within them.

Due to language and Mag's continued development in Japanese we will see Ramu pick up a lot of the responsibility of in-game leadership but with amazing talent like the ever consistent lily, the rising star of chibisu and the injection of Tyopi we hope to start moving towards the desired and expected results and laying a strong foundation now in which we can build towards for next year.

Rest assured we will continue to do what is necessary to reward those that continue to support us, earn back those that may have wavered and fight for our spot at the top of Japan whilst we continue in our goal of levelling up Japanese talent and amplifying it to a level of consistently competitive at an international level.


来年チームとして成功をもたらすことを見越してその準備を始めるために、Rainbow 6のラインナップを変更いたしました。

まず初めに、Fnaticとして活動してくれたYuraとLi9htにお礼を申し上げたいと思います。Stage2では、RJLの順位に大きな飛躍が見られこれは、Yuraの驚異的な個人技とIGLの役割を引き継いでくれたLi9htのおかげであると思います。一方で、APACとRJL Playoffではまだ思うような結果が出せていませんでした。最終的には、ゲームに対する考え方や見方の違いから、別々の道を歩み今後Siegeを進めていくことになりましたが、2人は新天地で侮れない存在になることは間違いないでしょう。

Rainbow 6は、大きな変化を遂げ、いくつかの組織が撤退し、また他の保守的な組織が変わるという、重要な時期を迎えています。

日本だけでなく、シージコミュニティではほとんど紹介する必要のないほど知れ渡っている選手を温かく歓迎してください。 Ramuは、豊富な経験とリーダーシップを発揮し、若手のChibisuや新加入のTyopiのような若い才能を育て、成長を続けていきます。 Fnatic R6チームが国際舞台で再び地位を確立するために、彼はチームの基盤として重要な役割を果たしてくれるでしょう。



MagはFnaticの選手であることでかかる期待を非常によく理解しており、Ramuとともに、Rainbow 6での次のチャレンジとその中でのFnaticの位置づけの変化を求めてチームをリードしていくでしょう。

Magの日本語の理解力は日々成長していますが、ゲーム内のリーダーシップはRamuが担うことになり、常に安定しているLily、新星のChibisu、そしてTyopiといった素晴らしい才能がいるため、 期待される結果に向けて動き始め、来年に向けて強い基盤を築くことができると考えています。


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