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Rhobalas' Fnatic Network Journey

Published: 04 Aug 2021

French League of Legends talent Valentin "Rhobalas" Ancelin is one of Fnatic Network's success stories. In the video, Rhobalas talks about being a content creator for Fnatic, and how Fnatic Network helped him become the star he is today.

Rhobalas came into Fnatic Network with a small following already, with fans from his days as a pro League of Legends mid-laner or even from his time as a caster and analyst for French outlet O Gaming TV.

But even with those building blocks, Rhobalas credits his success to the Fnatic Network.

"I was shocked and happy [when Fnatic signed me] because it means I have the support of Fnatic, and it's a relief because I know that I can stream, and Fnatic has got my back," says Rhobalas.

"It means a lot to be in a legacy organisation that has had a lot of successful French players like soaZ and YellowStar, it means that I'm the second wave of French talent for Fnatic."

The change was nearly immediate: "For my stream it was a huge change because some people got curious and I got some new people coming onto my stream," says Rhobalas. That regular crowd, and the interactions Rhobalas had with them, helped him build confidence while streaming, and gave him a solid audience that were enjoying every stream.

While he's always been a formidable talent for League of Legends, Rhoblas stopped playing competitively after his first season as his parents separated. Instead, he decided he wanted to go and study. In the final year of his studies, he decided he wanted to stream so he'd never have the regret of not knowing if he could make it as a content creator.

Now that he's signed for the main roster of creators with Fnatic, Rhobalas has shown he can stream with the best in the business. But he's not done yet.

"I'm trying to focus on the fact that I'm very lucky to be able to stream every day and to live with it. I'm really proud to be part of Fnatic as well, so I'm focused on doing a great job now."

"I just want to be able to do what I'm doing now for as long as possible," adds Rhobalas.

For those looking to get into streaming, Rhobalas' top tip is to have some passion for a game. Having a good reason to start can make it easier to push for growth and make some real waves in streaming.

If you can bring the passion, Fnatic Network can bring the rest. Find out more at