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RL | A Goodbye to a First Chapter

Published: 18 Jan 2019

After almost 18 months since entering Rocket League esports, we now see an end to the chapter we created alongside Snaski, Maestro and MummiSnow in our starting lineup.

Since accelerating into the scene, we found a team that embodied the true aspects of what it is to be Fnatic. In Nicolai 'Snaski' Vistesen Andersen, Nicolai 'Maestro' Bang and Alexander 'Sikii' Karelin, we found a team named the Leftovers. But, in their name and in joining the Black and Orange, we saw a maverick spirit that saw them fight to their own style and jumped straight up from the Rival Series in Season 4.

In the first half of the 2018, though, we survived through the promotion/relegation playoffs in the RLCS and saw a disappointing finish in the Gfinity Elite Series Season 3. With Mohamad 'MummiSnow' Salameh then joining during the RLCS and Gfinity break, we had built what could only be considered a Danish superteam.

Despite staying true to the style we wanted to see, RLCS Season 6 saw devastating results as - after falling into the promotion/relegation playoffs once again - we were not able to muster enough power to stay up in the elite division.

We saw off the year, though, with a grand final finish in Gfinity Elite Series Season 4, which helped the Black and Orange to an overall franchise trophy.

After a year of untapped potential, the conclusion of 2018 was a time for reflection in Fnatic’s place within the Rocket League scene moving forward. Although we can only wish Snaksi, Maestro, MummiSnow and our loyal substitute, Petr 'Lauty' Lauterkranc the best of luck in their ventures moving forward, we now take a step back and will consider our new Rocket League direction for 2019.

We will continue to review our involvement in Rocket League and, if you think you can represent the ideals of Fnatic at the highest level, contact Colin Johnson and list why you believe you would be the perfect fit: by email
@CoJo on Twitter