The Future is Fnatic.

The Future is Fnatic.

Published: 24 Jan 2020
For years, we forged a legacy.
Now it's time to make history.
It's time to seek out, level-up and amplify,
To sharpen up and evolve,
To create a future that's ours—
A future that's Fnatic.

After 15 years of Fnatic, more than most we recognise that legacy is core to our DNA. We've forged a nation of millions. Created historic moments in-game and out that connected us all. Drove community, and started a movement. Through the name 'Fnatic', rookies have become veterans, moments have become imprinted never to be forgotten, unbreakable bonds formed to a nation who coined the term #ALWAYSFNATIC, for us.

Now, it's time to refine and update our identity and our purpose. To take us into a new decade, a new iteration of Fnatic in more than just colour and form. It's time to sharpen up and evolve. Together, we will aspire to inspire a new generation. We will seek out, the rising, the upcoming and beyond; we will level-up our talent from zero to hero, and amplify them, to their rightful place as the stars of tomorrow.

Our legacy will always be unmatched. But the future is now. The future is Fnatic.

Going into 2020, we will be moving forward with our mission, Fnatic will be present in every continent across the globe. We will continue to be a competitive force in every esports title in which we compete. We will entertain. We will be closer—online and offline—to more fans more often. Because that's what drives us.


Our new logo is simplified, cleaner, sharper and aligns us visually with our new aesthetic as a brand. The mark is much more adaptable than before; it is bold and solid across a range of use cases, from apparel to digital, hardware to in-game.

The logo symbol is constructed on a grid of circles to create a final symbol that is geometrically perfect and aesthetically balanced. Sharp angles are present throughout the logo with the curves from the circle guides used to juxtapose to the edges and bring equilibrium back to the mark as a whole.

You can find our full press kit here.


Two colours come to mind beside the name 'Fnatic'. Black and Orange. For the first time ever, we have an alternative kit. Beginning with the 2020 Alpha Kit, you will be able to both represent and see Fnatic play in both Black and Orange prokits.

The QR Code design of the 2020 Fnatic Prokit is meant to represent our journey—with you alongside—in seeking out the very best at all times, to aspire towards levelling-up at all times, and to amplify what we have, know and gain at all times.

With the same 100% High Quality Wicking Polyester made to be extra breathable, fast drying and lightweight, we know we have the best esports jerseys.

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