Fnatic HALO Team Update

The New Faces of FNATIC Halo

Published: 15 Sep 2022

After a period of underperformance and inconsistency from the FNATIC Halo division, we decided to enter a period of rebuild. We unfortunately parted ways with our head coach, Strobe, and two players, SuperCC and Rammyy. We wish them the best of luck and hope they find success at their next teams.

Qualifying for Worlds is at the moment our main focus and we have built a roster which we believe will be the most competitive we have ever had under the Black and Orange. Over the last 3 weeks we have trialled approximately 10 players and spoken to many more - and we have landed on the following team.

In the head coach role, we wanted someone to come in with a bit of experience who knows how to win and we ended up securing one of the most experienced Halo players of all time. Mason “Neighbor” Cobb, the former MLG San Diego and Orlando Champion, joined us about 3 weeks ago and has been key in the new direction of the team and has already seen marked improvement in our scrims and synergy.

The first player update is that we have successfully acquired Donnie “Suppressed” Lopez from SSG. He has been a top performer at both HCS Kansas City and HCS Anaheim, being a part of the XSET roster that kept us out of Top 8 in the latter tournament. We’re excited with this pickup and believe he is going to be a key addition in our push for Worlds.

The second and final player update is that after many trials, we have picked up Suppressed’s former XSET teammate, Uriah “Artic” Legorreta. Another consistent LAN performer who has been without a team for a spell after XSET’s exit from Halo, we have inherited a motivated and focused Artic who is driven to push us to the top.

This means after all the dust has settled this is our roster for HCS Orlando and HCS World Championship:

Coach: Neighbor


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