Welcome Fnatic SPYGEA!

Published: 01 Aug 2022

Kei Takahashi, better known as SPYGEA, has joined the Fnatic Creator Roster - becoming the first non-European to do so.

SPYGEA is a Japanese content creator who started his career as a pro player in Special Force, before later moving into Overwatch with DeToNator.

As a prominent member of the Japanese Twitch community, SPYGEA has gone from streaming mainly Overwatch and PUBG (2016-2019), to later turning his attention to Apex Legends and Valorant (2020-present).

Fnatic Founder and CEO Sam Mathews expressed his delight at working with SPYGEA; “We are incredibly excited to have signed the amazing talent that is SPYGEA.

“He is someone that we have collaborated with in the past, so we know how strong a creator he is, and he’s a fantastic person as well.

“SPYGEA is a fantastic ambassador to have as we continue to go from strength to strength in the Japanese market, and we are very lucky to be able to work with him more closely now”.

If you want to know more about SPYGEA, you can find his creator page here, including links to his Twitch channel and other socials.


SPYGEAは、Special Forceでプロ選手としてキャリアを始め、その後DeToNatorでOverwatchに進出した日本のコンテンツクリエイターです。

日本のTwitchコミュニティの著名なメンバーとして、SPYGEAは主にOverwatchとPUBG(2016〜2019)の配信から、その後Apex Legendsと VALORANT(2020〜)の配信に移行しました。

Fnaticの創設者兼CEOであるSam Mathewsは、以下のようにSPYGEAと共に働ける事に喜びを表明しています。





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