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What mousepad size do you need?

Published: 21 Mar 2022

Finding the right mousepad can be a challenging task. You need to worry about mousepad size, materials, thickness, friction, and so many other factors. Which one is the one for you? Don't worry we'll help you pick!

A higher-quality mousepad will improve your game, that's a given. Additionally, you'll want a different size depending on what game you're playing and your own playstyle. You'll know what size to pick after reading this article!

However, size is not everything in a mousepad. The type of surface, speed of the surface, material composition, and its dynamic and static friction are major things to consider when buying a mousepad. We got another article on that coming soon!

Fnatic DASH Mousepads

The Fnatic DASH gaming mousepad range has everything you'll need in several different sizes. It has a unique low-friction F15 surface to ensure you've got a smooth surface to sling your mouse around, while the fact its built on top of solid natural rubber means it's going to stick to your desk and not move around, crucial for those clutch moments.

Rich Edmonds, reviewing the Fnatic DASH for Windows Central called it "the best gaming mousepad I've used to date". Furthermore, he added "The F15 surface is incredibly fast. You almost feel like it's not physically there and the mouse is simply gliding over thin air." 

Fnatic Focus 3 Mousepads

The FOCUS 3 is developed with the world's leading professional gamers for optimal precision and accuracy.

Featuring the new FOCUS 3 surface, the mat gives you full control with an effortless glide. The mat is also water-repellent, and stays flat with a micro-knit stitch.

Medium Size Mousepad

If space is at a premium or you play a lot of RTS, MMO, or MOBA games, a medium-sized pad (360x280mm) is a good bet.

Why those genres? A medium mousepad is a good fit for high DPI mouse movements, where moving a small amount means a huge movement. FPS players, or those that play with low sensitivity, might find the size means they're constantly running off of the edge of the mousepad and snagging.


  • Smaller desk profile
  • Easy to travel with


  • Less space for bigger mouse movements

Large Size Mousepad

A large mousepad (487x372mm) is a pretty good all-rounder and should still be small enough to travel easily. No matter what you're playing, this should give you the room that you need.

The only thing you're really missing here is space for your forearm and elbow, which larger mousepads will allow for. Still, if you don't need that full support, this is a best of both worlds option that gives you plenty of play space.


  • Great all-rounder
  • Works for most games and mouse-grips.


  • Doesn't offer forearm and elbow support

XL Size Mousepad

The biggest mousepad you can get without giving up your whole desk, the XL mousepad is sized at 475x475mm, and is well suited for FPS players or someone who uses the palm mouse grip, which takes up a ton of space.


  • Elbow and forearm support
  • Large enough for practically every game and playstyle


  • Hard to travel with
  • A desk-sized mousepad might look more sleek on your desk

XL Desk Mousepad

If you're not that fussy about showing off the wood finish on your desk and you're not going anywhere, this is the best choice out there. A desk-sized mousepad (950x500mm or 950x450mm) means you can use your mouse pretty much anywhere on that surface.

These mousepads are a significant change, as you'll often put your keyboard (and a mouse bungee, if you're using one) onto the pad and just play however suits. This is good for people who need a lot of space, offers a lot of support no matter what you're playing. And looks good on your desk in the process!


  • Lots of space for your mouse and keyboard


  • Heavier and larger to travel with.

So what size are you going for? Both the Fnatic DASH and FOCUS 3 ranges come in a variety different sizes. Therefore, you can pick the size that suits you best!

Mousepad Size Comparison

Still don't know what to choose? Then here is a list of all sizes we offer with a comparison:

MEDIUM: 360x280mm (DASH/FOCUS 3)
LARGE: 487x372mm (DASH/FOCUS 3)
XL: 475x475mm (DASH only)
DESK: 950x500mm for DASH, 950x450mm for FOCUS 3

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