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Main objective
To enter the esports industry in a sustainable way and support the teams and discipline as a whole before, during and after times of uncertainty.

BMW and Fnatic join forces to maximise performance and entertainment, through technology and innovation, to help level-up every gamer on the planet. Every team partnered with BMW is united in their willingness to win.




increase in awareness of United In Rivalry campaign (Q3 PCA 2020)


of fans agreed intelligent use of partnership (Q3 PCA 2020)


of fans found content entertaining (Q3 PCA 2020)


Campaign Awareness (Q3 PCA 2020)


more favourable brand perception (Q3 PCA 2020)

No 1.

Fnatic partnership No 1. reason behind preferred choice of new car (Q3 2020) DIGITAL (2020 Apr-Sep)



Esports shows us how sports entertainment can continue to thrive and play a key role considering today’s challenges. Our entry into esports is motivated by a commitment to become a sustainable, global partner, supporting the teams and the discipline as a whole, before, during and after these times of uncertainty.

Jens Thiemer, Vice President, BMW

How we did it

Case Study Video

When Ultimates Meets

Fnatic teaches Noob

Legends in Action

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