A packet of Jack Links beef jerkey

Jack Link's

Main objective
To power gamers through their grind and become the number 1 snack in gaming.

All gamers grind, but there is often too much tilt and not enough focus. Poor decision-making, bad teamwork, missed shots... it can make any gamer lose it. Jack Link's is here to power you through the grind, by helping you tilt less and focus more.

Show us your #BeefMode

Snacking while gaming is an exciting area for the brand. Our products are the perfect snack, no matter if at home or on the go, at work or during leisure time activities such as gaming. Beef Jerky is a natural source of protein, giving lasting energy and hence supports endurance. We want to be a true partner of Fnatic's, supporting gamers on all levels and building relationships both in competitive as well as amateur gaming.

Inka Weber, Marketing Manager Jack Link’s EMEA

How we did it

Jersey branding

JL Beef Mode

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