Lavazza Graphic


Main objective
To reach and engage with the digital youth via their passion for gaming in an authentic, innovative and disruptive way.

64% of gamers purchase and consume coffee.




Delivered over 1.1+ million live stream views


Delivered 850k+ organic views with branded video content - (450k above objective)


Achieved over 5.4+ million brand impressions (3.4m above objective)


Over 80% of Italian Fnatic Fans more favourable to Lavazza after the campaign


uplift in Lavazza brand preference

We are delighted to announce this collaboration with Fnatic because it represents an important debut for Lavazza in a sector that is experiencing considerable growth, and we could not have hoped for a better partner. Esports and gaming is an interesting, challenging world, perfectly in line with the brand’s desire to relate to young people through tools and languages that are more appropriate to them.

Carlo Colpo, Group Marketing Communication Director and Brand Home Director at Lavazza

How we did it

Case Study Video: Custom Fortnite map featuring Lavazza branding

Italian Esports Award Nomination 2021

Co-branded products

Pow3r Origin Documentary

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